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The Phalaris Analysis Thread

Migrated topic.
thanks for that good info Muskogee Herbman..

jamie said:
interesting the finding of 5-MeO-DMT in yugo red. I felt like it was in there in my extracts but TLC findings from others found only DMT.
..'yugo red' and 'turkey red' are (slightly confusingly) two different strains..a lot of P. brachyastachys has some 5meo with dmt, but P. arundinacea 'turkey red' was predominantly 5meo in 90s tests..
just to clarify, I have yugo red. Never grown turkey red yet. What does confuse me is that there seems to be some dispute over whether or not "yugo red" and "yugoslavian fresh cut" are the same strain. The strain I have is sold as "yugo red" but back in the day appleseed was talking about "yugoslavian fresh cut".

Dreamer042 did find 5-MeO-DMT in Turkey red but not Yugo.
It doesn't seem the analysis in the first post of this thread detected that compound in any of the samples tested?

To know for sure you'd need to isolate the compound and do some solubility tests.
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