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The Right Time

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Hello for the first time!

Finally I decided it was time to make an account a few days ago, and checked to see if registration was open. I was happy to see that it was! Now ready to become a new initiate, I had to decide when to write my inaugurate essay. Sitting at the computer after returning from hyperspace only moments ago, I thought excitedly now is right.

For the past half year, I've spent hours every day researching spice. I had an experience on a recommendation from swim last summer. Of course weeks before I did my research, lurking in the nexus forums. I realized I found something that could show me depths of existence I never knew. The ensuing months were hours of reading and experimenting, learning what could become of the spirit molecule. It's something I ponder and discuss every day.

Today I finished making my first batch of 10x changa (B. Caapi), the first taste of which sent me beyond anything I had ever experienced before with freebase. I had my most profound trip today, something that I had dreamed of and wanted to know. I'd like to thank the nexus for being the reason it was possible!

Making this changa was over a month process. I started soaking the Caapi leaves in IPA in mid January and forgotten about it in the back corner of my cabinet. Today the acetone had dried and I cannot advocate any more with words how positively I responded. I've had 20 or so experiences prior to this one, and their magnitudes combined doesn't even do a justice to this one.

I felt a good amount of positive energy today from everyone on here. I read several changa trip reports and experiences to psyche myself up for tonight. The nexus community was on my mind while pink, yellow, and blue machine elves smiled and waved at me! I have had two prior MAOI trips before tonight, a pharmahuasca (very weak) and MAOI'd freebase. Very much resembled the latter but this time so much deeper and happier. I enjoyed the slow onset and comfortably discovered where I broke through to, a place absolutely indescribable and wonderful in every way. I finally saw the otherworldly beings that so many report on.

I'm glad to finally be a member of this immensely supportive community :thumb_up: I hope to be a constructive member of it and simply absorb knowledge as a student should
Foofenscoops said:
I'm glad to finally be a member of this immensely supportive community :thumb_up: I hope to be a constructive member of it and simply absorb knowledge as a student should...

The nexus can always use more constructive members!

Welcome aboard Foofenscoops! May we learn, share & expand together...

Welcome to the Nexus!

Thank you for the lovely introduction and the details of your trip. I must say, you seem pretty down-to-Earth and will probably fit in quite nicely around here. I love reading about others' experiences as it is so strange to see the vast differences while simultaneously seeing the immense similarities as well. I can't say I've ever seen a "machine elf" but I have definitely come across some intelligent beings here and there in hyperspace. It is quite intriguing, to say the least.

Anyway, welcome once again and may you find everything you are seeking here!


-The Grateful One-
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