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Theobromine intake methods?

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Just out of curiosity, apart from just eating theobromine, which other routes of administration people have tried? Would snorting or smoking it work?

Injecting it or going rectal would certainly work, I'm more interested in snorting/smoking.
Theo is not water soluble thus any injection routes would be difficult and would require messing around with pH and stuff. Snorting would likely work but orally taken Theo and caffeine have high absorption and bio-availability, and there is really no need there would likely not be any additional effects. SWIM has wonder however since Theo is a vasodilator at local (non CNS) capillaries would it enhance the absorption if snorted or taken sub lingualy with a tryptamine (MAOI) as a combo? I will post a thread about this.
It is water-soluble actually! Even the freebase must be pretty much water soluble, it has a partition coefficient of -0.6.

What I have bought as theobromine and is now buzzing in my head was water-soluble.
Umm it is not supposed to be water soluble. Mine is not. it is soluble at 1g per 2000mL rt water or 150mL boiling water. This could not be injected in a reasonable amount of water/saline. Did you use boiling water? If you didn't get a salt preparation I would be skeptical of what you took.
Did you get a salt preparation? I wasn't aware that was available. This would be more soluble in water than the freebase Theo. In which case it may be possible to inject. I can't find info on its solubility. Either way there is no point it is not going to have greater effects you would just have to use less. And it is cheap anyway.
Yeah, it was quite warm water, not boiling, just the right temp for tea. And it seems to be the case (as noted in some of the links you gave) that it is not like black-and-white. It is poorly soluble in water, and I would go for that; it is a much more accurate definition and totally consistent with my observation.
Agreed. But also everything has some water solubility. This is a pretty low one and many chemists would classify it as water-insoluble. 2 liters is a lot of water. Some compounds will dissolve 1g in 1mL water. So that is all I meant. It is not suitable for injection unless a specific salt preperation is made, and even that I am not sure about.
Word... altered in what way? Is SWIY able to describe the quality of the experience as opposed to what they "normally" have? From the reports I've been reading on theobromine, it seems that it exerts a more pronounced influence on substances administered orally rather than smoked... you've been on the same threads, bufo - have you also gotten that impression?
Yes but SWIM thinks more research is required. Only a few people have attempted. Unless more people do SWIM thinks its premature to conclude anything.
The psychological effects were definitely different although it is hard to characterize, the duration seemed slightly longer. SWIM said the theo made the MT have a slightly stranger mood to it. But the visuals were for sure attenuated, they were present but very mild, and not very colorful. SWIM said he was expecting them to be enhanced and was thus disappointed. SWIM friend did not find it to be a pleasurable enhancement in anyway. Although everyone is diff and more research needs go be done. But it does seem that theo alters the effects in some way.
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