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Migrated topic.
Did a new plate today.
Same eluent, less material. Much cleaner result!

The THH spot was good visible direct after development, but later completely vanished.

Also the DMT was less concentrated, that's why this time the NMT is not visible.

The left photo was taken just after development, the next one after drying, the right one some hours later


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I also did a plate with DMT and a crude extract from a small sample of ? Phalaris ? I collected last year.
Looks like it has some DMT. A sustainable and local source of spice!
I'll have to research this plant and good extraction / separation techniques.


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Great work!

Seems like you are learning a lot, improving your technique and getting important info about your extracts and local plants.

Do you use any reagent on top of the spots in order to confirm identity? If not, you should! Specially for example for that phalaris one. It does seem potentially interesting. I'd also eventually test a cleaner extract vs crude one, to eliminate the other unknown spots in that crude extract. Maybe a naphtha re-x would suffice. TLC works great for comparing different extraction methods too.

Thanks for sharing your results!
As i wrote already, more research is necessary on the phalaris. But I'll probably have to wait until summer to collect more of it for a better extraction. Reagent test is on the to do as well.
Maybe I'll do a naphta pull on the tiny amount of extract i got now.
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