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TLC Kits are out - link here!

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Hello everybody!

I have been working for the last few years to develop a testing kit for people to use at home which can test plants in your area for alkaloids of interest, can tell you when your general drug sample is adulterated/mixed, potentially identify the adulteration and even do semi-quantification of samples with some tweaks.

Both Bunk Police as well as Protest kits have TLC kits being sold (you also need to buy reagents separately from protestkits if you wanna use their tlc kits

And the instructions the BP people made to explain how it works:


Feel free to ask questions :)

And please, if you do start testing with TLC, post back your results here


😁 i`'ve been patiently waiting for the stars to align & the project to pull through.
Congratulations endlesness & thank you for striving to make this happen. You deserve a new icon under your name for this one :thumb_up:

It may be a couple weeks before I have the extra funds for a kit but this is an absolutely invaluable tool & my order is guaranteed.
thank you endlessness for your work and posts. i will order one soon

not sure if this is a accurate question, but how many tests can one kit make? thnx
soulfood said:
If I was to enquire about cost of shipping to the EU would this be infringement of price talk? I can't find a shipping FAQ or anything.
Q. How long will it take to receive my order in a foreign country?
A. Our $12.95 flat rate shipping option is 6-10 day service, delivery within this timeframe is not gauranteed by UPS. Most of these packages are delivered within seven business days, however it is not uncommon for a package to take as longer depending on the destination country. Please contact bunkdesk@gmail.com if your package has taken longer than 15 business days to arrive and we'll be happy to look into the issue.

A $12.95 flat rate is quite a bargain.

Thanks for the comments and interest :)

The initial kit should come with 20 plates each being enough for 3 tests, so that's around 60 tests.

Most of the material like UV light, developing chamber, microcapillaries and so on are reusable, and then you can get refill plates and testing liquid, which shouldn't be expensive

And no, drugs not included, bring your own 😁 :p
A big thank you for getting that done endless! :thumb_up: And it's affordable too.:d I hope it's economically viable for Bunkpolice because I sure would like to see kits like this available for a good long time.
Awesome work! I can only imagine the amount of time and thoughtful effort that went into this. This is wonderful! Thank You Endlessness!
many extraction attempts coming up. thanks end. i have 3 or 4 totally unknown species im going to test, a handful of different grasses (not ptilotus), and a few that im fairly confident on ID but would like a verification. much gratitude. Respect :D its been a while coming but im so happy to be getting this :)
I placed an order for a TLC kit and one of the basic reagent kits. Got the reagent kit yesterday. Good service from Bunkpolice. Can't wait for September to roll around!
I want one of these kits also but can you give me more of an idea how I can use this kit to test plant material from living plants (if that is possible) i.e. what would be the process for living material (if there is one) or do I have to complete (or partially complete) an extraction? I have yet to find my ideal Mother; but I am looking for her! Seeds will be popping out soon. I want to spread that love :)
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