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To much to quick

Migrated topic.


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I found the best way yet to get a break through experience. Having tryed several methods with mixed results I hit on a easy sure thing.
After I scraped my bowl of dmt crystals I had the great idea of putting some methanol in the bowl to collect the residue that remained. I then put a pinch of weed in the bowl and evaporated off the alcohol. I put some weed in a simple weed pipe and took a decent hit and held it in for a minute.
What happened next was scary. I felt it coming on fast and barely had time to lay down.
I lost this reàlity and was propelled into another. It seemed familiar to me. I didn't know what I had done to get there. I don't remember most the trip only fragments. Nor do l know how much I injusted. I'm in no hurry to repeat the experience just yet. I have a new respect and a little fear of dmt now.
Yes it can be scary if you are not prepared for it or not expecting it. It's always a good idea to prepare mentally as if you're going in for a breakthrough even though it may not happen. A low dose one day may seem like a higher one the next.

It does sound like you had a breakthrough dose, speed at which it came on and lack of being able to bring much back out of it. Like ultraviolence said you just made enhanced leaf with an unknown ratio of dmt in it.
Yep, sounds about right. DMT demands that respect, I tell you what. I found myself terrified of DMT for a while after a very Intense experience. I took about 3 months off after that one. Over the course of those 3 months, I developed a deep respect for the molecule rather than fear. Don't get me wrong, the fear is still there, and it should be, but I don't let it run the show anymore.

Ever since then I've had some really positive experiences that I wouldn't trade for anything. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

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