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Top Five Favorite Psychoactives

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What are your top five favorite psychoactives?

Here are mine-

1) Lophophora ~ "Peyote" or Trichocereus ~ "San Pedro"
2) Cannabis
3) Kava
4) Ayahuasca
5) Mushrooms
5-oral cannabis

But i never had a high dose of cactus. Doing larger amounts of mescaline might change my top-5 list.
I like oral cannabis as much as i like LSD, but LSD wins because of the absence of after-effects.
Cannabis, spice, salvia, mushrooms, and ayahuasca...not in any order really..they are all just there. Pedro is desirable as well, but I have much less experience with it.if it was top 6it would be there though!
My Top 5

1. DMT
2. Cactus
3. Mushrooms
4. Catha Edulis
5. LSA or LSH

Note i haven't had the opportunity to journey with Ayahuasca yet as i know from my research it will be on my top five and ill have to bump one off unfortunately. Cannabis and Salvia aren't on my list due to the fact that they both have very low vibration qualities and i don't mix well with low vibration entheogens. I do enjoy smoking a little sativa ever now and again and some hash which i find have far more of a high uplifting quality. :d

Much Peace
1. Copelandia cyanescens mushrooms
2. Ayahuasca/DMT (gonna bunch these together)
3. San Pedro/Peyote/mescaline
4. Cannabis
5. LSD

Hard to put them in any particular order...mushrooms are definitely my number one though for sure - at least that species anyway. Reseach still ongoing, want to try Psilocybe mexicana, P. azurescens and P. cyanescens...

All Accompanied with Cacao Beans and they are in no specific order at all.
Smoked DMT is the only one i've tried... But I will get around to cactus one day. Probably extract the mescaline rather than eat the whole thing.
Oh, and definatly Aya soon, or at least pharma.
Fakkz said:
Smoked DMT is the only one i've tried... But I will get around to cactus one day. Probably extract the mescaline rather than eat the whole thing.

Its very worth while to have the cactus tea your first journey if at all possible 😉

Much Peace
(Text copied from another thread follows)

SWIM’s top 5? That’s hard to say. I’ll have to divide it up into two categories, because they change by dosage range.

1 Mescaline + 3 Datura stramonium seeds
2 LSH (LSD would be here but SWIM no longer uses artificial chemicals)
3 5-MeO-DMT (taken sublingually)
4 Mushrooms
5 Fresh salvia divinorum (taken as a quid, less that 1 hour after picking)

1 Bufotenine (smoked)
2 Pharmahuasca (DMT + THH only)
3 Mushrooms
4 Mescaline
5 Harmine + THH (but not too high of a dose)

The reason bufotenine is in his top position for high dose psychedelics is because it’s the only psychedelic that allows high doses to be used without causing any psychedelic “mind fuck”. It needs to be pure though. SWIM has smoked up to 30 mg and experienced extreme visions beyond what DMT, mescaline, and all the others are capable of on their own.

The reason mescaline + 3 Datura stramonium seeds is in the top position for low dose psychedelics and mescaline on it’s own is not mentioned is because mescaline would be there in the top anyway. Adding 3 Datura stramonium seeds to a low dose mescaline trip really pushes it way up above the rest. LSH is a close second to mescaline on it’s own, but LSH is a far second to mescaline + 3 Datura stramonium seeds.

LSH means specifically LSA soaked in high acetaldehyde containing rum and vitamin C or citric acid for 24 hours in the refrigerator (usually a little mint oil is also added just to ensure the conversion happens). I don’t know if it’s actually LSH that is being created by this process, but the experience is very different from LSA. It’s almost identical to LSD. Many believe this process makes LSH. The reason LSH is not listed in the high dose top 5 is because it’s unpleasant at high doses causing strong bronchial constriction, and vasoconstriction.

Now harmine + THH is probably a surprise for a lot of people. This combination is psychedelic. SWIM uses a 50:50 mix of the two and takes up to 300 mg of the mix. This is a high dose for SWIM. Any higher and side effects kick in. This is somewhat like a caapi brew without the DMT but without all the horrid side effects of caapi. A low dose is completely uninteresting.

The reason fresh salvia divinorum leaves taken as a quid is not listed in the high dose section is because SWIM cannot get a high dose by that method. He’s tried and just can’t do it. Also, note that SWIM is talking about leaves picked and used within 1 hour. It has to be that fresh or the effects are not the same. SWIM does not like day old or dried leaves at all.

SWIM is still experimenting with new combinations and so his top 5 are likely to change as new combinations are discovered. He’s planning to try 3 Datura stramonium seeds with harmine/THH. He’s heard this combination is much nicer than harmine/THH is alone.
1. SPICED WEED (equal parts sativa bud and MHRB extracted spice)
2. EDIBLE MARIJUANA/BUFOTENINE (different medicine but an equal love for each)
3. FRESH SALVIA LEAVES A LA QUID (would be higher up the list but i am still truly learning how to best work with this medicine...sooooo strong...)
4. CACTUS/MUSHROOMS (in particular Lophophora Williamsii and Z-strain cubensis)
5. KRATOM/KAVA (pretty equal in my love for these two)

sorry if i kinda cheated and grouped some together....picking only 5 is truly challenging!! very fun post Mz. Coatl' lots of interesting responses thus far...and because of them...

69RON- i was just gifted with exactly 3 datura stramonium seeds and was wondering how to best enjoy them...keep me/us posted on your harmine/THH/Datura seed experiment...i'll be excited waiting to hear about it since i have all of those components myself!

OH MY YES...VERY interesting synergy those two....similar yet different like two siblings separated at birth and raised in two very different locations. one in the moist/damp world and one in the dry/arid world...VERY intense body load when taken together....

...quite blissful... :)

for most psychedelics it is dose dependant. I like a low dose of cactus more than low doses of any other substance, but since i never had a high dose of cactus and i liked high doses of the other stuff more than i liked the low dose of cactus, the cactus isn't in my top 5.
Its very worth while to have the cactus tea your first journey if at all possible

I can't stress that enough! Thank god Aegle is here to help me!

But neither of you has explained WHY this is so. I'd like more details on why this is so clear and obvious to you guys...
Well one reason is that psychoactive cacti contain MANY psychoactive compounds, not just mescaline! So if you make a cactus tea vs. a mescaline extraction your getting a number of psychoactive compounds, not just mescaline!
SWIMfriend said:
But neither of you has explained WHY this is so. I'd like more details on why this is so clear and obvious to you guys...

As its the most natural and wholesome why to journey with cactus after drinking the tea which i must say its the saltiest stuff I have ever tasted you purge after, for me personally i have held the cactus in for about an hour and a half and my mind and body feels deeply cleansed and ready for what the cactus has to offer me. What better way is there? Except for the taste though but is a very small price to pay for such and incredible journey :d

Much Peace
I think that the first time someones takes cactus it should be tea because the first cactus experience purge is very neccicary - the first cactus experience should also be rather potent.
The purge feels as if it ridding one of a lifetime of bad/stale energy of some sort, its amazing and the tea is full spectrum in effects - 100% wholesome as cactus should be - nothing removed, traditional peruvian preparation of a short spined torch of known good genetics if possible.

coatl - have you never ingested cactus before ?
coatl - have you never ingested cactus before ?



See Teotzlcoatl's Cacti thread.... did you miss that?

Cacti tea never really makes me nauseous or anything... try adding some mint, ginger and cannabis!
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