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two bags of mystery bark

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Imagine that you stored two one kg bags of bark, one Caapi B. and one either Mimosa Hostilis or Acacia Confusa (I, err.. I mean the hypothetical moron doesn't remember which, but definitely a DMT root bark source.) The labels dried up, and fell off to the bottom of the box the two bags were stored in. Any ideas how to tell them apart? Maybe a tiny trial extraction?
Good quality Mimosa bark is distictly pinkish or purplish.

An infusion of caapi in water or alcohol will flourecse a bright yellowish green under UV light.

A sample that lacks these two characteristics in your hypothetical scenario would by default be ACRB.
Caapi is not a bark at all (usually the bark is stripped off) it should be much lighter colored shredded woody bits, they are easily distinguished from inner rootbark strips (in ACRB they also tend to be reddish/pink or purplish from the inside)

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Run a bit through a coffee grinder and find the one that smells of mothballs = ACRB

put a new label on it!
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