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Urban growing cringe thread

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After nearly two years of growing these three A. Confusa and four M. Hostilis plants in pots, I've decided to cut the down. :cry:
I know:cry: I had to move places once already, Which was a pain and shocked the plants a bit, (Windburn) I planned on planting them at a friends property, That fell thru. I thought about going gorilla grow and planting them in the wild, Thought it would be tough explaining me walking thru woods with shovel and exotic potted plants.:surprised
My current landlord has mentioned them twice now in the fashion of them needing to be gone. The cold storms coming thru are starting to do damage as well. I was able to bring them in on the few frost days last year.
Since I have many seeds of each and feel comfortable with the germinating and early stages of growth, I figured I will give it a better go once I find a solid, Hopefully legal place to start a sustaiable plot or three.8)

Here's what i'm working with..:? Thoughts?



Could be interesting to know what is the potency after (almost) 2 years. I don't say that cause i have some (almost)2 years old mimosa^^
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