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Valhalla in hyperspace

Migrated topic.


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Many folks of olden times believed that you could ascend into Valhalla when you died a heroic death, or if you kissed a beautiful lady before you died.

How many here have personally seen Valhalla during their DMT trips?

How many here believe in Valhalla?

Here's a DMT-inspired illustration of Valhalla by a psychedelic artist I found on the internet. I don't want put his name here, because it'll seem like advertising/spam, but he's a damn good artist. He has created a ton of DMT-inspired illustrations and landscapes.


And what do you propose you will do in this place? Drink wine, eat food, urinate and produce excrement? Then sleep for days on end?

Or is it more of an existing as an abstract being of energy that doesn't really exist in a physical location?
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