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VaporGenie Concentrate Pad

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I have just got the Sherlock GVG, along with these concentrate pads:

I was wondering... where do I put the pad and the pure DMT crystals? The GVG has the ceramic pad it comes with, so I assume I take that out (with the glass top) and put the pad underneath with DMT melted into it? Then put the glass top back on (with ceramic pad inside) and head the ceramic pad which will in turn hear the pad below it? I just tried this and not much happened, just wasted DMT...

Sorry.. very new to this and just trying to figure it all out without wasting more DMT..


I used a torch lighter, I didn't see much vapour at all.. and only enough to get visuals, I put enough DMT on which I've broken through with before..

I have had more luck just using the ceramic pad the GVG came with, which is already in the glass top, I melt the dmt into the top of that by heating it first then dropping the pure DMT on top, wait a min or two then I light and inhale slowly.. I'm only able to get one toke using this and I would have thought 2 or 3 reading these forums.

I'm just worried I may be burning some as I would have thought with the amount of DMT im putting on it would create more vapor..

Reading the above, am I doing anything wrong? do I need to put more screens or maybe herb somewhere?

At the moment its just one screen, and the glass top with ceramic pad..

Thanks for any info! I'm completely new to this and would appreciate any tips!
With no heat applied can you pull through without much resistance? You might have also been too cautions and not held the lighter on long enough. Once the ceramic is warm it take a lighter touch but does take some heat to get there.
You shouldn't put any product on the ceramic pad in the glass top. It acts as a kind of heat filter, so that you are not putting direct flame on to your product.

what you want to do is put or melt your product into the stainless steel concentrate pad and put it underneath the glass top with the ceramic disc inside. use a good torch lighter and heat that ceramic disc up really good. Because the concentrate pad is dense stainless steel and you are heating it up indirectly through the ceramic disc, it takes a good deal of heat to get it hot.

Don't worry about burning your product when you are heating the ceramic disc, its whole purpose it to help regulate the heat so you don't burn anything.

Don't put product on the ceramic disc in the glass top.
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