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Vilca/Cebil.....Which base? How much? How long? (oral & insufflated)

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When using Vilca/Cebil:

Which base is better for insufflatory prep, and which is better for oral use prep?

Calcium Hydroxide VS Calcium Carbonate VS Sodium Carbonate

How much base is better for insufflatory prep, and how much is better for oral use prep?

When using each of these bases, does the amount of time for which the reaction should be allowed to happen vary? Which is the optimum amount of time one should wait before inducing drying (oven 50C-100C)?

AFOAF says he tends to just mix the powdered cebil with water and base for just long enough for the three to be combined uniformly and kneaded before promptly introducing the mixture to a low temperature oven bake for quick drying.....he's no expert though....is there a more effective way of doing this?

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