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Visit From An Egyptian God?

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Three and a half years since my last DMT experience and i was still feeling kind of reluctant. I wanted more than anything to journey back into hyperspace, but i guess i was worried about the effects of such an experience on my sanity. After my first big experience, (Communication With The Ball Of Light), I was left feeling that schizophrenia was closely related to excessive levels of DMT production and that taking too much DMT could somehow mess with my own production levels, effectively turning me schizophrenic. Obviously that was a scary prospect...Anyway, for a fair while after my last experience, I felt as though i was back on path, but somewhere along the line i managed to dismiss and block out what i had experienced, and went back to the bullshit of everyday life. It was only the last 12 months that i had finally found my way back and found myself constantly thinking about the spice again. I managed to track down an old mate at just the right time, and he fixed me up with some beautiful orange crystals. Funny how you never forget that beautiful smell...HAHAHAHAH...I'd planned on waiting a week or so to psyche myself up and prepare myself for another journey, but curiousity got the better of me and i ended up getting stuck into it that same afternoon, and later on the next morning...Again i was blown away.....!

Experience 1 - CEV: Usually i pack myself about half a cone of weed, then tightly pack as much "spice" as i can on top, but this time decided on only a quarter of a cone of weed, so i could pack a little more spice than usual on top. I had nothing in my mind as far as expectations...I sat upright on the edge of my bed as i slowly smoked the cone. Holding it in for as long as i could, i felt that familiar feeling come over me. I quickly placed the bong on the floor and about halfway through lying back the visuals began...This time i don't remember getting that "rocket" or "take off" sort of feeling, but felt more as though it came to me. The visuals appeared, patterns, red and golden in colour. Then another, overlapping them, in the shape of a cross and made up of it's own patterns and design. As it came nearer i could make out some sort of face, but it was hard to focus on due to the level of intensity i was feeling. My body had been surrendered and i had no control over anything. I was totally incapacitated. My ears were filled with that familiar but undescribable sound which has accompanied all of my journeys. It was like the sound of the frequency to which i was tuned in order to visit this world. I felt a slight feeling of terror at having lost all control of my body, i guess maybe because this time i wasn't really prepared for the experience. The being/entity was upon me now. I could not look at it. It was too intense. I could sense that i was now being scanned, and the feeling of terror was replaced by the most intense feelings of love and happiness that i have ever experienced. No words could ever come close to describing that feeling. I felt different body parts twitching as they were scanned and remember laughing out loud a few times and saying "oh my fucking god" over and over...As it scanned over my lower body, i felt this strange warm sensation, and remember thinking to myself, "i hope i didn't just piss myself"...i didn't...Somewhere around this time, i felt as though i needed to return. I felt the terror creeping back in, so as usual, thanked the being/entity for the experience, and pleaded with it to let me return to my world, also asking that contact only ever be made if it is by my choice...I don't know why i do this, but i guess it's because of my fear of turning schizophrenic. Although i totally believe in the places i have ventured to, i would hate to be walking around one day and all of a sudden be contacted by these beings. I want to make my own conscious desicions to journey to and explore their worlds when i am prepared and ready. Any other way would just be too terrifying and surely send me crazy...Anyway, even though i asked to leave, the experience continued for a short time and i felt myself still being scanned. When the being was done, i felt it moving away from me, leaving a trail of patterns in it's wake as it faded away. I woke from my state blown away and spent the next 20 minutes in that "fuzzy" kind of state, trying to piece together what had just happened. I think sometimes you try to block bits out that were just too intense to remember...I felt as though i had gained little from it myself, yet at the same time, i felt as though things would come back to me over the next day or two when my mind was ready to deal with it. It was about 4:30am the next morning before i would have my next journey, again unplanned and unprepared...

EXPERIENCE 2 - CEV: I don't know why i decided to journey again. I had been drinking all night and polished off a 700ml bottle of Jack Daniels so wasn't really in the right state for the experience, but am glad i did it anyway. The process was the same. Quarter of a cone of weed with as much DMT on top as i possibly could. Again i layed back and strangely the same visuals appeared before me. It was almost enough to send me sober. This time the feeling was more serious. They had a message. Maybe it was my innebriated state, but as they communicated with me, i found it hard to understand the message being conveyed. This is where it got kind of wierd. I told them i was sorry, but did not understand, so instead off communicating their message telepathically, they changed to visuals. It was like playing a game of charades...These little almost hieroglyphical visuals would appear in front of me and they would keep on flashing at me until i understood. If i did not understand one visual, then another would present itself, and so on until i understood. This went on until their whole message had been passed on. I will not share what the message was,for the simple fact that it was of a highly personal nature and was intended only to help me change something in my life that is wrong, and to show me and help me understand why it is wrong...Once the message was understood, i again thanked them and watched them fade away as i returned back to reality. On returning, i did not feel the usual excitement that follows such an experience. Maybe because i was drunk, maybe because of the nature of the message? I don't know, but i am glad i returned to recieve that message, because it is something i know i need to change in my life, and this encounter has now made it a top priority....


The next day, i began thinking in depth about my experiences and it struck me that all of my experiences seem to begin with me being scanned in one journey, and then presented with a message in the next. My messages are always about bettering myself....I decided to start searching the net for other stories, wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences and also to search for any art which may resemble in any way the visuals whch i had seen in my last two experiences. I thought, "maybe if this place is real, someone else has been there and seen what i have seen, and created a picture of it"...Within an hour of searching "DMT ART" on google, i found what i was looking for, and as ridiculous as it sounds, the art i found was not just similar to what i had seen, it was IDENTICAL. I was fucking blown away! How could this be possible? As soon as i saw this picture i knew it was without a doubt what i had seen and experienced. I will just say at this point that i forgot in my first experience to describe the beetles which i had seen. I descrbed them to my mate afterwards as SCARAB beetles. These brilliant, beautiful beetles made of gold with beautiful red ruby's on there backs and green emeralds...I will be drawing and posting a pic of them soon. Anyway, whilst i remembered the scarab beetles from my journey, the face which i had seen was in my mind but half blocked out until i saw this picture, and then it all flooded back instantly. The face was of egyptian nature which now made sense as to why i had seen the scarab beetle. Everything about this picture was a perfect resemblance of what i had seen and where i had been. You will find this picture posted at the bottom. It is a painting by a bloke named ALEX GREY who had been involved in LSD for some time and has some fantastic art. He is responsible for the art on the front of Dr Rick Strassman's book: DMT - The Spirit Molecule and his site is definately worth checking out...So anyway, i was blown away. The fact that Alex Grey had obviously been to the same place as i have visited opens up a whole lot of doors to me and makes me think that i cannot be crazy, and this place cannot just be something i have imagined...It must be real...Can there be any other explanation?
Another thing i think worth mentioning is some of the after effects of my experience. Over the next few days i found that i was experiencing this strange kind of clarity towards everything. When i listened to music i was no longer just hearing a simple song. Even though i may have heard the same song 1000 times, it seemed new, and vibrant. I could focus on every single note, and every sound. Things i had never heard before. I could experience the song as a whole and appreciate every little note and sound. The words stood out and i could not believe what i was hearing. It was as though i could now see the message within the song, something which i had never noticed before. It was kind of scary and again the reason why i constantly question whether the spice is also the key to schizophrenia. Was i losing it to think that within these songs lay a message that had been there all along, only i wasn't "tuned in"...? I don't know, but everything seemed so clear. Another thing i noticed was that for someone who has suffered from depression for a great part of their life, i was now able to "switch on" at will...I was walking around smiling constantly. I have never felt this before...It felt as though i was connected to the "source"...Sadly, over the past week i have felt this feeling fade. I guess too many strange things have been happening and as a result i have been pushing them away again and blocking them out. I am now trying to figure out whether i should journey on and explore deeper into these worlds or back off...I feel as though journeying on and learning to understand these worlds and experiences is what i am supposed to do, but at the same time am scared i may lose touch with reality and end up in some mental institute like so many others...At the same time i feel s though, if i were losing the plot, i would not be capable of LOGICAL THINKING...Does anyone else out there feel like they are on the verge of losing it after these experiences? Logical thinking tells me that this would be a normal reaction to something which we know nothing about and is seemingly "unreal"....yet, it also tells me that if someone else has seen the same things that i have, then they must exist, and therefore i cannot be crazy...For now i think i'll keep my feet planted in this reality until i am ready again, and have a better understanding of what is really out there. Anyway, thankyou to anyone who reads this, and please leave a reply as i am interested in others ideas on my experience. Thanks.


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Just a thought but, In the Masons [freemasons] in blue lodge they carry out a ritual which the true meaning has been lost. In the ritual you die and are reborn and upon waking your first sight is the morning star or venus???? memory fades me!! venus traces the sky as a pentagram beleive it or not and. Anyway the ritual is said to have evolved from the egyptians. When a pharoah became pharoah he is said to have been given a potion which kills him. during this death he travels to visit the gods and by doing so then becomes one. When he returns he is a GOD. Considering Egyptians were advanced for there time and maoi and DMT plants are found everywhere really RUE and ACACIA the possibility is fairly high that the egyptians were performing a AYA ritual of there own. The riual was only known to the kings[pharoah] Court of priests and a set dosage given to ensure time of waking coincided with the stars presence. It has also been theorised that the masonic story of Hiram Abiff shows that the jews wanted the secret of being a god and this is why they killed Hiram [Mummmies have been found of men which have been castrated and buried alive as punishent as told in the story. Intersting read " the Hiram key" only my own idea re the aya but it make sense.... We are all GODS now!!! Maybe you have met the Ancient ones///
just to let you guys know..in the book Inner Paths to Outer Space.. Strassman says that he got a lot of funding to do his DMT research from the Freemasons...interesting hUh?
Alex Grey has an art gallery in NYC for anybody who is ever in NYC its called the chapel of sacred mirrors.

Its closing on new years!!!! So go soon!!!
Maybe you had actually seen it before somewhere and not noticed. Buried into your subconcious and used by your own DMT awakened brain to find your natural path in life among all the falseness we encounter throughout our lives.
Whatever the reason dmt never ceases to amaze. I believe in a way it really does make us superhuman for a time i too have found my intelligence increases and my overall perceptions, awareness and insights sharpen.
A small percentage of that increase seems to remain indefinitely.
Jorkest said:
do you know why?

He started it in 04 and it was just meant to be a 5 year location. The chapel is going to move to upstate new york sometime soon where there is more land and buildings.
Thanks DreaMTripper. I have contemplated the idea that maybe i had seen picture somewhere once before, as with any other visions i have had on DMT, but have come to the conclusion that it is definately not something i have seen before. I have only just got the internet on after years of not having it, and to me, alex greys art is so beautiful and interesting to me, i would most definately have remembered it. My friend has also reported seeing a being in one of his journeys wearing some sort of egyptian mask. That is the crazy bit about DMT i guess. There just never seems to be any sort of explanation which makes sense either way you look at it. Thanks heaps for the input! Also im interested in hearing what sort of insights or clarity you have experienced both short and long term after your DMT experiences...Thanks :d
I think these are called sycnchromysticism. I've had encountered about 30 or so easter eggs in reality and when I smoke pot I enter a state that would in Western terms be described as schizophrenic. I've had all kinds of oddities happen in that place. I often am 'mindfucked' into thinking I am god and this is some sort of simulation. At times when I listen to Terrence McKenna in this state it's as though he's inadvertently coded some alternative meaning into it.

I officially entered bizzaro land after finishing up listening to Terrence McKennas True Hallucinations series on youtube and the next day when I pick up a batch of El Cheapo weed it turned into 'The Good Shit' google: TMK The good Shit and I ended up having a telepathic conversation for 15 minutes and had a dreamquest of sorts running around with a hobo I had met, and manifested at least 5 miracles that night. And susequent expereinces using this psilocybin laced MJ included things like having mosquittes chew my ass when my Ego was intact, but once loaded up I sat meditating in a state of love and was told to let the mosquittoes come up to me and none bit me. That trip had 3 miracles.

A singular instance when I rode my bike locally around that further cemented impossibility come true was when near this neighborhood passing by a home with a lot of vegitation there were all these animal sounds making this tremendous ruckus and I'm drawn over, like what what what do you want me to see over here, and I look down and inches from my bike tire there are Mushrooms growing.

Another time I smoked it in my boat and failed to nostice the nasty sheriff on our lake and he even swings by and seriously checks me out and stuff. I get paranoid and come back in and am somehow just drawn to this readers digest it's the one that says 41 things doctors never tell you. And on the back of it the ad for planters peanuts says "You just got sucker crunched". And loaded up on my screen had been a 41music video specifically this one
and if you listen to the lyrics it's singing "Who can't touch me who can't touch me" as if in relation to my claose call.

And this is JUST A FRACTION of the weird shit and sychroncities that have been going on in my life since march.

I have no idea what's going on frankly. I should really write like a 100 page story describing all of this. At least 5 were beyond impossible. I had a freaking national geographic from 1993 show up sycnhronously telling me little green men were on assignment.(like working for me)

A reference to if you listen to Terrence Mckenna's "How to take psychadellics" he says he calls them in saying Come in little green men, come in little green me. I shit you not. IF ANYONE HAS ANY idea what this is I'd like to know. If I had access to mushrooms I'd barge right in and ask it WTF is going on. But then I always wonder about the trips you never come down from Mkenna spoke of those as well saying something along the lines of "Well the most interesting trip would be one you'd get so far out you'd never come"
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I think these are called sycnchromysticism. I've had encountered about 30 or so easter eggs in reality and when I smoke pot I enter a state that would in Western terms be described as schizophrenic. I've had all kinds of oddities happen in that place. I often am 'mindfucked' into thinking I am god and this is some sort of simulation. At times when I listen to Terrence McKenna in this state it's as though he's inadvertently coded some alternative meaning into it.


Thanks NewShaman...Just wondering if u put these things down to losin it or do they make perfect sense to you. If so, what meaning or purpose do you find in them?...What were u like before this and how has your way of thinking changed? I remember one of the things conveyed to me on my big journey (Communication With The Ball Of Light), was that "things just are"...there is no reason!..."if something can exist, it will exist", not nessescarily for a reason or purpose. I was left with the feeling that although there are things out there that possess intelligence and have purpose, there are also things which exist merely because someone has willed them into existance through the process of concious thought, if that makes sense... So, to me, when we journey, this could possibly be an explanation as to where we journey to. If you are focussed, and looking for answers or direction ect, then there exists places where the answers lie, and if you are looking to journey for the sake of fun, then maybe you go somewhere where these fun, crazy thoughts exist, for example a fun fair with clowns, or as in one of strassmans subjects, a world which was purely made of cactuses! I dunno, just one of the many crazy theories or ideas we encounter whilst trying to understand the the crazy realm of hyperspace! Confusing shit sometimes!
I've had experiences that I would scientifically describe as statistical disruptions in ordinary probability. And as I type this it's innocuously 11:11. I think frankly something is here, it has proved itself to me beyond any shadow of a doubt by manifesting miracles and literally altering the course of my life. According to soundlessdawn on youtube this type of thing is happening to more and more people.

Before all this I had in fact been going through a very skeptical period where I was a Marxist and social theorist, and existentialist. I was a very skeptical guy. I remember reading a year ago last November "Higher Wisdom: Eminent Elders Explore The Continuing Impact Of Psychedelics" And simply being unable to believe it where one of the authors was describing the spirit world and so on.

Apparently I am god. Although it's hard to fully put this into words. I interpret it a few different ways. It's as if we are already living in a simulation of reality, a consciousness godform living in a holographic dream apparently invaded by a cancer consciousness with possible satanic illuminist powers. At times I feel terribly tricked by the whole thing and I have a sort of Sci fi take on reality. When I do finally take a mushroom trip I plan on barging righting in and asking it questions which I'm sure it will understand my attitude, because it literally did put me here, in this position, it put me in a position of such bafflement over reality that anything short of an entity sitting me down on it's lap and explaining things will leave me confused.

Bill Hicks explains

And I'm not alone in these experiences. Alan Watts had a lot to say about all this I can give links there too.

I'm not currently able to use pot right now but am making future plans for such. I mean reality literally goes nuts, It becomes like a hologram, everything becomes like code, everything becomes visible. And then beyond the code, the hologram further reveals secrets. Google Jesus Synchroncity vs Matter.

I'm pretty far down the rabbit hole at this point despite not having done DMT or Mushrooms directly. I've had miracles, of the trickster sort that Terrence McKenna describes in True Hallucinations. Where something that's miles ahead of me intellectually lays down this trail of breadcrumbs for me it's like. The first time it happened, the trip was so clever, it was so unbelievable the whole time I kept thinking. No one could possibly have written something this clever, so it's like the intellect behind it is incredible.

Check out his myspace page too and listen to Daniel Pinchbeck talking about being Quetzalcoatl.
Daniel Pinchbeck IS an enlightened messeger. many are. These are all Avatars. Everything is clues to realizing your own godform and Gnosis as I understand it. Like leading Neo out of the matrix, we are all Neo.
Another enlightened one is Neil Kramer.

Neos passport expires synhcronously on 9/11. And for me 9/11 has been pivotal and is pivotal in the wakeup of the world.

I even had another person call me Neo synchronously. I've met people who I believe were other versions of me, and it's let me know that.

IOW the door marked schizophrenia is really enlightenment. I see these changes as a gift. For me it happened the first time the door opened - The first time I saw reality go haywire and entered that state. Then I thought I had just had a crackup or something. And not until 6 months later until literally after finishing True Hallucinations and the prophecy came true. Now every time I use pot I'm entering this state.

All this stuff no matter how far out it seems... It found me I started out as a skeptic. Anything other than a rude awakening, and I'd still be a materialist who believed in a skeptical rationalism. Now I see reality as a waking dream of sorts.
SWIM is a mason...became a mason and then found spice a few years later...he has always felt some connection between the two
Thanks for the detailed insight newshaman, very interesting stuff there..
As far as masons go, my uncle was one but didnt ever dabble in psycedelics lol seemed more a mens club where they could drink and make business contacts..
Ithink that is mainly it... business. but i think the higher up elite and esp. the elite from the past were witches. Alestor crowley. nuff said.
After recently watching a music clip by TOOL (Vicarious), i've also found the same image is used in 3-D towards the end of the clip...Crazy, i had never seen this clip before either yet it is the same place i experienced in my visions...I give up trying to explain this one...
NewShaman said:
I think these are called sycnchromysticism. I've had encountered about 30 or so easter eggs in reality and when I smoke pot I enter a state that would in Western terms be described as schizophrenic. I've had all kinds of oddities happen in that place. I often am 'mindfucked' into thinking I am god and this is some sort of simulation.

This very thing happened to SWIM the night before last. SWIM had been meditating pretty intensely for the previous couple of days (and using cannabis) and then at the end of the night he started meditating on the internal nature of reality, and starting thinking about the universe and how everything he experiences and learns about it is still actually inside.. This thought pattern kept going and going and SWIM had some "understanding" about various things, he must have passed out at some point. SWIM woke up yesterday morning feeling completely insane, everything seemed illusory and he couldn't get a grip on anything or anchor himself. SWIM was quite shaken by the experience. SWIM also wanted me to add, when he woke up he was DEATHLY cold and shaky, his body felt extremely light and he was filled with energy all day.

"I felt the terror creeping back in, so as usual, thanked the being/entity for the experience, and pleaded with it to let me return to my world, also asking that contact only ever be made if it is by my choice..."

you did make the choice to make contact. you smoked the spice. that was you signing a consent form saying they can do and show whatever they want to you.
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