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WARNING! Cannabis and Latuda(Report)

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Hello Nexiuns. I know this isn't aboutDMT but I to new to report were I need to. This is a warning to those who take Latuda and cannabis. I'm bipolar and I've been smoking weed for like 15 yrs. Never a problem but recently I had a Chang in my medication. I took my Latuda be for bed then smoked son bud outs my G5 vaporizer. Alls normal. But as the meds kicked in everything became a living nightmare! With my eye's closed it was as if I could see through my eyelids with the lights out. I looked at the floor and there were creatures everywhere!Frogs, Giant spiders, snakes, wingless birds, and other unexplainables. Creatures fell trough the ceiling on to me. I screamed bloody murder at this point cuz this was unintended. I smoke weed all the Tim! The worse thing of all was that I lost touch with reality and couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't. I then was attacked by wat seemed like faceless demons. I cant go into much more detail cuz I cant remember much more other than I was psychotic and under attack. My Question is this, are there any other Nexiuns out there who are bipolar who have had reactions like this? Any opinion is welcome. Thank you.
I never received a license from a psychiatrist for being crazy, I'm entirely self-made in that respect. My credo is: I don't take drugs from people who do not use it themselves. Does your doctor use that stuff?

In your situation, I'd try to avoid any cannabis dependency. Especially smoking it right before you go to bed messes with your sleep quality. It will slowly exhaust you. Don't smoke weed in the 3 to 4 hours before scheduled sleep.

I'm not anti-cannabis. I did it myself for 25 years. In retrospect, I'd say that it is one of the finest tonics available, with overall very little toxic side effects. But at the same time, it also blocks any real processing of emotional information. So, for "topical" use, it may be a blessing to keep life bearable, but any chronic use will only structurally aggravate problems.

If you can easily take a 3 week break every couple of months, cannabis is not a problem. If you never have such breaks at all, you are in trouble.

People who are sensitive to bipolar-like mood disturbances should stay clear of high-thc cannabis products and favor the high-cbd material instead.
Thank you pitubo. I agree for the most part. The reasoning for the use of any drug is important. I actually never smoke before bed and I've only been smoking for the last few days actually. I've gone without for a couple months. Like you said breaks are important. That's why I took 2 months off. But I must admit I smoke DMT daily. About an hour before I went to bed. I just realized this. I always smoke DMT at night cuz my roommates are sleeping. Maybe I should take yer cannabis advice and aim it at my DMT use.
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