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We share our Trichocereus Strains experiences

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What would be the most stimulating/least sedative strain or clone while still being psychedelic?

I am going to a Billy Strings concert tonight and a mild Mescaline dose would keep my old ass awake and enhance the music, but my Pedro would be a bit dreamy and drowsy. I should diversify a bit.
I've never done mescaline or cactus at a concert, and the logistics are kind of iffy. First there's the "Am I gonna puke? When and where"? question. I guess that would rule out Tea, unless you chugged it far enough in advance to get the purge out of the way. For me extracted mescaline is a hit or miss thing as far as purging goes although I'm less likely to these days.

I've never purged on extracted mescaline when used in conjunction with Cosmic Lion's Anti-Nausea Shots (He should trademark them), and it's my belief that they probably potentiate mescaline too.

Terscheckii Tea was excessively stimulating for me. Jagged, disconcerting levels of stimulation. Even if you have Terscheckii you probably don't want that.

I've never tripped on Pachanoi, and Bridgesii while it's my favorite is also unpredictable as far as body load. That leaves Peruvianus. The one strain of Peruvianus I've done was pretty clear-headed and low on body load. So I guess if I was going to try to trip mescaline at a show I would go with extracted mescaline combined with the anti-nausea shot, or Peruvianus Tea, far enough in advance to get the purge out of the way.
My Pachanoi has zero mucus and thus causes less nausea. On lighter, more "MDA like" doses, I don't get nausea at all. I wouldn't want to trip too heavy at a show.

Tonight, I'm just looking to stay awake and alert. I go to bed pretty early in my old age. I'm likely to take a Modafinil which will enhance things not at all.

"Museum dose" = "concert dose"?

Hey, thanks for the answer. I need to find a good Peruvianus.
brokedownpalace10 said:
My Pachanoi has zero mucus and thus causes less nausea. On lighter, more "MDA like" doses, I don't get nausea at all.

While living on the farm for 17+ years I had a large collection of Trichocereus / Echinopsis cacti as well as some peyotes. I never made it around to bioassaying them all or extracting from them all but of the ones I did I definitely experienced what you're saying with some of them being made into teas that were less snotty and slimy / mucus-y than others and much easier on digestion. Even while having pure mescaline I at times choose to make the tea because of the unique experiences that can come from it.

Without anyone being hurt and just the loss of material possessions our house on the farm burned down from an electrical fire. The collection was lost as well as about 11 grams of extracted mescaline. We had to move back down to the old home state where I simply don't have any way of setting up to grow anything more than a small vegetable garden and cannabis. I hope to someday be able to have a home where I can plant them in the ground because I really loved having them around.

With a few Pachanois and some Macrogonus type Peruvianus giving similar experiences, I found certain Bridgesii to differ and my experiences were strange in comparison to what most of my Pedro and mescaline experiences were.

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Still, it would be great to hear of your experiences with PC pachanoi both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Thank you for the warm welcome!

I understand and appreciate the desires to keep the data in-house. Raised eyebrows when it comes to SaaS applications is necessary and appreciated. OPSEC is pretty easy to keep within the app; if we kept the pages private and invite only was my thinking. No matter the case, thanks for hearing me out and pleasure to make the acquaintance.

Typically 14-20grams dried powder is enough for a 14 hour or so experience, 8-10 of which are quite intense. I should share that I'm a cold weather grower and put them into dormancy through the winter, which obviously stresses them out and could contribute. I've also done some full spectrum Ethanol extractions which turned out fantastic.

Link to an image: https://preview.redd.it/2hui9tch1p9...ed&s=574f7a5d4856d85b43de8053cd21d76e18882f92
Try ...[san Pedro Macho]...this may be the stealth name for ..[peruvian torch?].. or a close relative of the species..

found it once in a cactus nursery in arizona USA...

very potent peruvian cactus...

Very visual.. spiritual and pain releasing.. wonderfully tearfull experiance!

San Pedro Macho

Horticulture Unlimited
Landscaping in Tucson, AZ | Horticulture Unlimited Inc. › plant-guide › san-p...
san pedro macho from horticultureunlimited.com
It has erect branches with cylindrical, stout stems and an arching habit. The cactus develops bluish-green foliage with more long, reddish-brown spines than ...
Growth Rate: Fast (1' to 2' per year)
Flower Color: White
Size: 15' tall
Hardiness: 25
I believe I have some Bridgesii "Sherman", although it was just sold to me as Bridgesii. It wasn't from the vendor in the link, far as I know. Stout stuff, size and strength-wise. I blendered and simmered the dark green flesh from a 400 gr fresh chunk and got more than I bargained for. A solid experience that stopped just short of that point where everything in the room comes alive and inanimate objects start breathing.

Looked just like this:

I rooted about 6 of the tips, but most got root rot last Spring and I lost them (sniff). I think I still have one or two of the tips growing. Of course it doesn't grow 3 inches in diameter in a pot where I am, but it's the real deal Neal. :D
I finally tried some Pachanoi "Awful". I'd acquired a huge 2 kilo, about 7 inch (18cm)diameter chunk of it several years ago. It pupped and has been growing like gangbusters ever since, to the point where last Season I had to cut it way back because the cactus/pot combo had become completely unwieldy to move. I ended up with two big sections totaling about 8 kilos. They'd been sitting in the closet since then.

I fileted the green flesh out of the smaller piece, freeze/thawed it 4 times, removed the outer shell skin and simmered the remaining strips for a couple of hours, then strained and reduced it. I took a test dose of about 1/4 of the tea, about 150 ml or equivalent to about a 10" (25cm) section of the 3" diameter piece.

I immediately found out why they call it "Awful". It was straight up BITTER. So bitter the bitter almost completely damped any other weird cactus flavors. Started feeling effects in about an hour, followed by some tummy ache and mild nausea which lasted a couple of hours. I never did purge and by the time the nausea subsided I was decidedly tripping, although it was relatively mild and pleasant. Double that amount would be a solid ride. It was the first time I'd tried any type of Pachanoi tea and I enjoyed it.

Verdict: Plenty potent. Low body load, but also low dose. Not as strong by weight as Bridgesii but it grows 4 times as fast and you just have to brew up a bit more of it. Test dose gave a good experience, solid shifting, tracers, etc. but more would be where the fireworks start. Considering how bitter it was I didn't have much trouble getting it down and chasing it with lots of water. I look forward to.....moar.

Here's a pic of some that's still growing in the pot:


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Interesting topic with some interesting statements also but which also leads to new questions for me.

Sorry if I go off topic and spamming which seems a bad habit of me 😁 but I want to understand the mechanisms. Maybe it should be moved elsewhere.

This topic seems to be focussing on brewing tea and having the full cactus/alkaloid spectrum experience.

My thoughts and experience:

- They all came from probably Peruvianus from our famous friend from Peru.
- Eating powder or drinking snot gave me more nausea and bodily discomfort then extracting the crystals alkaloids from the same source while I can't remember that the experience was much different, maybe a little less drowsy.
- So I thought the nausea and discomfort which was caused by the bad taste and the amount high of stuff I had to consume which is probably hard or totally indesgestible but who knows which alkaloids or terpenes maybe where lost and which effect they have?

I like to follow An1cca's statement that I want to know how much I am taking of what. But Anc1cca is purifying and recrystalizing as much (I guess) as to be left with almost pure M, which I've read is very stimulating (being a phenylethylamine) and kind off inferiour to the full spectrum alkaloid experience. On the other hand taking higher doses of the full spectrum alkaloids also giving more unwanted side effects.

So my dream is to extract and separate the alkaloids or other "benificial" substances and put them back toghether in a certain ratio and get rid off unwanted substances so it mimics the positive effects of full experience as much as possible without the negative side effects. Of course much is not fully understanded because even if we know substances are not active by themselves(sedating/stimulating) we don't know much about synergistic effects because how they compete positive or negative for different (sub)receptors and nature is difficult to copy in a "bottle".

So probably you understand my point. If the dose(which is highly variable) and set and setting maybe plays a big part (maybe the biggest) then can we give any rationale if and why pachanoi and bridgesii feel different?

Personally I want to grow more bridgesii because I want a reliable and relatively constant/trustable source of a good M producer but then I read that people have darker experiences and more neck/back and muscle tensions which I don't want to discard totally as being the consequence of a higher dose or set and setting. But without any scientific explanation it seems totally subjective and not something that can be predicted or controlled in any way(maybe thats my problem :d ).

Wolfnippletip said full spectrum acetate? Did I miss something? It's hard to find some good info, sensitive topic maybe but I believe in sharing off scientific knowledge without being afraid that because of this some narrowminded people of the government start a witchhunt and that we can stop this by not speaking openly about this. I remember for example on the Nook(seems to be offline now for definitively? On shaman-australis you can't even talk about potency or extraction) that by gassing with HCl a sedating alkaloid (Pellotine? which is probably being benificial because I hypotosize that this makes the the experience more calm and relaxed as oppose to the "overstimulating" effects of pure M) could be separated because this sedating alkaloid fell through the filter of a Buchner while M stayed on top of it.

So what do we know? I scanned through Trout's but that it's a hard to extract some relavant information. In the cactus analysis thread a few alkaloids or substances are mentioned, a lot seem like trace amounts, on the other hand Anc1cca speaks about 60-75% of the extract being M, so almost half of it can be "other" stuff.

I understand that 3,4-DMPEA can be hard to separate but I think it can be done with solubility of different salts in different solvents(Trout) if there is any reason for it (positive or negative) other then dosing more accurate?

Ok sorry again for my rambling, i'am off, see ya:oops:
In my experience bredgesii full spectrum extract feels same as raw tea. Sedating initially then stimulating. Sometimes highly visual other times almost non visual. Yeields of the same strain also varies depending on the season but usually on the lower end, I don't fertilize. DCM/chloroform extracts always more sedating. Hexane/isopropyl mix pulls are the most potent no sedation occurs but too edgy and aggressive.

Smoothies raw uncooked are more wholesome than cooked tea and full spectrum but the stomach discomfort is distracting.

Can you summarize the steps a little more?

Do you extract with a mix of DCM and chloroform and in what ratio or separate pulls? I thought Hexane and isopropyl don't even mix?

Sorry my knowledge is not so up to date anymore.

Is this an extraction of free-base from a basic/alkaline solution or the salts from a acidic solution. Which acid you use for salting.

Personally I sticked to TEK from Litmus. STB didn't give me slimmy mess which I had to filter to a t-shirt, which was a lot of work and again a mess. (Probably I will aslo try A/B again with a pressure cooker to resolve this, maybe also completely cooking it down until completely dry).

On the other hand: STB with Toluene and salting with sulfuric acid. Gave me good results. Toluene I thought was cleaner then Xylene. And Sulphate gives nice crystals which are not as hygroscopic as HCl I've always read.

Nowadays all kind of different solvents and acids seems to be used. Is this of availabilty, more eco-friendly? (Limonene), better yields or higher yields? And higher yields of full spectrum or more pure form of M.

So also back to my question above: do we know that certain methods, solvents and salts extract more or less ingredients and which ones?

I had the feeling the sulphate salts gave me a feeling of full spectrum only less nausea, again probably also because of less plant material my body had to deal with. Again hard to compare the experiences subjectively but I thought the relaxing/sedating feeling was there. With eating dried powder 30gr dried was about the max I could or wanted to consume. Making tea also from the same amount which probably equals about 300mg of mescaline.

With the extract which was washed with andhydrous acetone and isopropyl I was left with crystals that went from slightly of yellow to grey/sand collor of which I took 450mg (probably 10-25% of this is not M, I guess?)
(After defatting the acidic solution before with petrolium-ether which also went through a funnel filled with cotton balls to get the Norit/Charcoal out Which I used for extra purification).

I want to take it up to 700mg of pure M so probably I should be taking around 800-900mg of this stuff(I think this is the sweet spot, gradually building it up of course).

I am thinking now of maybe gassing with HCl first to get the sedating alkaloid out and then doing 3 recrystallizations on the sulphate salt to get like white/glass crystals 95% of pure M. After which I add/mixing them like between 100-200mg of this sedating alkaloid for one experience.

Just an idea.
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