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weird ass mushroom trip REVELATION??

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This was a very weird trip.. i ate 1.6 grams & i didnt feel much at first the effects came up real slow & time slowed..

i didnt feel especially good probably since i tripped sunday..

but it still ended up hitting me later.. i felt poisoned, ive never really tripped in this manner before..i felt so in love with my cat.. its like she was on the same vibe as me, feeling every emotion i did, like our minds were connected.. times i felty very confused..

then really clear headed.. i was listening to infected mushroom..(classic mushroom) mind blowing music!! then this flood of info started coming at me, my mind was very open & words began to enter my mind from no where, i never think of these things really...

it was like the mushroom/music were speaking to me..
so i wrote down everthing i could over the last two hours or so..
I felt totally insane, i thought i was stuck.. insane my mind was looping, i thought i was poisoned,at times i would just burst out laughing, have little crazy attacks, it felt like my face was melting off..

so here what i wrote down(keep in mind this all seemed very true and possible:

were all under the biggest mass control.moods controlable.
keep your mouth shutt.pain.spirits dancing...step across to the dead. we are dead...

were there.illusion.confusion.thinking so someone knows.wake up.but w elike this fun electric network...too much info flud.things didnt actually happen untill u think of them.while your thinking of someone they know it.were all here in this game.we all feel it.but wen we all wake up wheres trhe fun?dont show n e 1 this...crzzyness....
drugs hav a bad side kids!!! its enough to keep us comfortable till the world ends.
i seriously cant take this anymore. i feel insane. they dont want this to happen they use computers to track, music is the warning...im still a stupid fucking idiot even though i know it all.its always been the crziest thinkers that have been the best.were all linked subconciously controling everything simantaiously..nowiing the evevitable disaster... death. we will die.love is our food. keeps us happy shitt right? its all an illusion.. crucify the govt!!! crucify obsama! why do people give up?

im thinking clear but all this info is coming through...can they track this? my x-files story.. will they know its real or one of my many tales for entertainment.

its such a blessing to just have u all & be alive.
we have mad ways for things to happen, this is the one life... everytging else is made up for our pleasesure, to think we had a past u see..im tired of hiding.. FUCK OUR GOVT!! stop being lazy. people need my help for everything. `so much possiblity, no answers to the many questions..
were just trying to be happy till we die.
so get up be happy, they feel your thoughts, without pain there is no love, every thought or occrance makes a change.
steady emotion is key, steady love..oh yea wait here comes somthing to occupy my mind...it better be good and real this time.remember this is about mE having a good time.just every breath slow enjoy it, smell the air, feel, live, smile.people(evil sprirts) like lucio(sides will come out) this is hell on earth... dont let them distract u from the gooooooooaaaaaalllllllll
the air outside is sooo fresh ahhhh
ive decided on naming my cats spirit as.. vanessa.. dont ask...
i just noticed that i didnt flush so i wouldnt be loud, yet my music is loud all the time at night usually...
but at the end of the day my brain still needs sleep, uploading masss bull shitt 5.0
im starting to feel like im really affected by the actions of others.. if they say love i feel it..i can grasp anything..
then i change like a chameleon..am i in control or is someone else?
why do i feel the need to edit this.

has anyone else had this kind of trip? i know i sound crazy.. but it seems like it wasnt me talking...i felt like knowing all this i would never be able to return to life, i thought i would go mad knowing this truth.
Got pages and pages of it :) Journey writing is good. It helps you remember things you wouldn't otherwise. I find that what I write is typically only a fragment of the entire thought of the moment however, so can easily be taken out of context. Hence, likely why u wrote "don't show n e 1 this..." It will usually sound luney when taken out of context. All good stuff to capture though!
Yea it does seem way wack now.. but after and during i thought i was crazy & i needed to tell someone find that person who could help its weird.
fuckin powerful shitt. i felt so poisoned. he he =D
I also always have these 'revelations' or 'epiphanies' when on the mushies, but then when i try to remember them afterwards...nothin. :p
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