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What shrooms are these ? Liberty caps?

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Are these liberty caps

Found in south germany


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Looks like Marasmius oreades - "the Fairy Ring Mushroom".

Also has deadly lookalikes in the genus Clitocybe.

Do not pick any mushrooms without taking someone experienced with you.
Mushroom poisoning is no joke!

CEVISI, if you are asking this question about a specimen that bears only a slight resemblance to liberty caps it seems you need to study up considerably more before ingesting any mushroom you picked (Well, at least you asked first...)
There is a close lookalike of unknown toxicity in the genus Cortinarius, a genus which contains several deadly poisonous species. Pictured recently in another thread.

Although, I was actually referring to Clitocybe rivulosa, which has caused poisonings when people have confused it with (the edible) Marasmius oreades.

Here's my picture of some typical liberty caps
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