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What's your time worth?

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What's your time worth?
(everybody's time come no resistance)
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Note- it's way far from complete. :D

Time is a very stubborn, autonomous thing that seemingly won't stop for anyone or anything, at least this is how I see it. But for sure everyone's time is limited and only getting less and less. The latter statement certainly the case is in this reality we call life. That is why it is enormously essential what we spend our lives with. "Five fingers are not the same" - goes the saying, so therefore as many people there are in the world, the more variations and opinions might be on defining what golden hours are, according the individuals values. "The truth is the matter of perspective" - this statement become very popular these days which certainly makes it even more difficult to try defining something universally on this matter. I personally prefer to believe and reckon that still, there are universal morals and values that inevitably lead to and stipulate some commonly and generally acceptable values using common sense and apply universal moral values. Even to help one to understand what value is as such. Despite all the small chances in sight to be successful in defining any of these, let's splash in the matter and attempt the impossible.

Maneuvering as a "small digit" in this life, one can get lost pretty easily while devoting some of his/her time to understand what life,- the meaning of existence-, reality or the truth about all that is. In every platform they are trying to catch, push, pull and distract your attention from these things in all ways. They want you to follow fashions, buy expensive and overpriced clothes, spend your valuable time playing video games on computer, smartphone, tablet, fall for prestigious campaigns built around brands like iPhone, travelling to fancy places or to spend immense money on alcohol or drugs trying to compensate what you so miss from your life, etc. Simply to make you think that your life will be more complete by buying all the objects to eventually end up as an exhausted, haggard and superannuated person by having spent all your life chasing happiness. A happiness that has been distorted for you, a happiness that is dependent on objects and other external factors, externalities. Having a life lived driven by EGO. No matter what, just spend your hard-earned money the quickest way possible, so you never get out of the rat-race and run on the thread-mill endlessly using up all your effort for a goal that never be reached. How can be the path defined correctly if even the goal is misunderstood?

All it comes from is a very adorable feature of human nature. Belongingness is a very strong human emotional need as well as the desire to be accepted and be an important part of something grater than themselves. It comes from herd instinct.

herd instinct
noun: herd instinct
1. an inclination in people or animals to behave or think like the majority.

This on its own what makes it really dangerous. Because the whole agenda grabs the people at one of their strongest, undeniably very basic emotional needs that no one can get rid of. Everybody wants to belong somewhere. Here needs to be mentioned the mainstream media that plays a huge role in convincing huge masses what' good or bad for them. It works as a remote controller. Here the question rightfully raises: Who are we? Independent thinking individuals or brainless, controlled masses who live their lives with no conscious, no goal, without questions.

1. comfort
2. ˈkʌmfət/
3. noun
4. noun: comfort
6. 1. state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.
2. the easing or alleviation of a person's feelings of grief or distress.

Another word that may bares mentioning as we dig deeper in the topic. Most of those things -according to mainstream media and advertisements- allegedly provide you with a more complete life, are loudly proclaim that you need comfort. You deserve it, you earned it, suggesting as well that you will be more accepted, a more wicked person in other words. Again grabbing you as a human individual at a very basic yet very strong feature of you. Features and factors that have serious roles in an individual's life while searching its place in any society, these days. Second by second, this society is trying to convince you more and more how important you are(Indeed you are important, just as your happiness is. But hundreds of entire lives will not be enough for you to find happiness if you look for it outside of you.), how well you deserve this and that. And the amount of people willing to buy all this are dramatically increasing. It's very similar to a virus that spreads like wild fire. Why?- Because it's one. It is a mental illness that once infects you, will take a nightmare to get rid of. A big reason for people are still fall a victim of this thing is COMFORT. Much more easier to believe and accept euphonious lies than to hear the upsetting, unsettling truth. And so much easier when all lies are served on a golden tray only a reach from you. Awaken your conscious takes huge effort these days, it's similar to resurrection. Once you are awake, so it takes much more effort to handle and deal with what you see and perceive on that level of consciousness. Takes still even more effort not taking part of this, swimming upstream, and to muscle your way out, and get to know how to accomplish all that. May a lifetime not be enough for this, but without trying you surely won't stand a chance to even kick start your way on the path. This popular approach where easier to take the ready-made hot steaming lies off the golden tray, dispenses a very important thing. SUSTAINABILITY.

noun: sustainability

1.the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed.
2.Environmental Science. the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

Oh yeah, "supporting long-term ecological balance". An endlessly consuming way of life where you refuse to make your own, at least partially, does surely not fit to this, at all. You earn money most likely by do something you don't like doing, you buy without sense, no real need, you throw a way, change it down to a new one, you get back to work to earn more money to spent so you can compensate all that what's really missing and never be there if you carry on doing the same thing. Doing the same thing again and again and again while waiting for a different outcome is not only stupidity but a choice. Your choice, your call. You can choose to rely on others and external things you barely have an influence on, or you shake your head and start taking your own life to your own hands. Simple as that, in my opinion. I try to grasp things at their very essence. Happiness could not be any closer than it has always been, inside you. Any object can be justifiably an auxiliary to you to find happiness but shouldn't and will never be the source of your real happiness. Since you are a human being reading these thoughts, you originated from nature, hence living in harmony with it, should make you happy on a level. Living in harmony with it will require so much effort, determination, time, consciousness, consistency and so on and so forth. First off, and most importantly will need an AWKEN YOU so everything falls to place. If you want to live your life this way you need to embrace the idea of either partially making your own, being self-sufficient, or support local farmers who are trying to take it in their own hand. Look for the alternatives, apply common sense, never stop questioning, and never fail putting the effort, because it will worth it. We may not be the generation that can benefit from such, but making it easier to our descendants is something superior than simply the individual. Leaving a conception behind that allows humanity to live in harmony and piece with nature is something truly appreciable, that no one with a universal moral values and common sense should ignore.

We could go on for ages discussing this topic in depths but there is no bottom of it. The only constant thing in this word is change, anyway. This gives hope to change for the better slowly as a human race. Although there are changes on both end. These changes get more and more accelerated with time that eventually will make every individual get to the end of the choosen path,…if there is an end. Homo Sapiens got this far due to its incredible adaptive capabilities. This ability is both a God given blessing and a curse at the same time, a whip-saw if you will. We can get used to the badder just as well as to the better. I vision it as a race. A race of good and bad in the endless tunnels of space and time. You make a difference my brother.

P.s.:Don't stop looking for happiness, but first define your goal very well, thus the path becomes clearer. Once you are on the track never lose sight of the goal!
Thanks very much your valuable time reading this. I hope it was worth it.
Welcome to the Nexus!

Time is a tricky tricky thing.. "time is the master, and time can be a disaster" :D . Interesting thing though, is that sometimes time spent is time gained. In other words, sometimes it may seem (to some people) that it is a waste of time to consider such things as what you mentioned in your essay, but I believe that such ponderings may actually save you time in the future, by reducing the amount of stress, by helping you find a more harmonious path. So I think of such existential questions and thought-effort as an investment that pays off well :)

What is your experience with psychedelics in general, and with DMT in particular? How have psychedelics affected the way you think about the above-stated matters?

Be well!
Hi there endlessness!

Have just noticed your response on my post for which I am very thankful for as always appriciate others sharing their thoughts/experiences or point of their views. I can only agree on your statements that meditating on matters like this isn't a time wasting rather on the contrary as can save you time from dealing with unessential things and can help you focus on the important ones or see more clearly which is which, who is who. :want: .

Mainly DMT but mushrooms too, pushed me to a direction to see this whole existance and life as such in a very different way from how I had been tending to look at it. In my opinion DMT and basically many psylochibine containing materials coming from nature are very unlike to other psychotropic stuffs. I tend to say these always add something to a person who is ready to see the theachings who is ready to learn from a trip. I very much prefer pscyhedelics coming from nature over the synthetic ones. The ones come from nature are easier to handle mindwise and increase connection with nature which is a very beneficial thing in terms of making one more step towards consciousness and finding ways to live a life in harmony with nature, and have an ascending desire to be a part of taking things in hands and see clearly how much more important to make things happen on your scale in your microenvironment as this beautiful world consists of endless microenvironments. If everybody takes a good care of his/her own part this is how this world will become a beautiful place.

These kind of thoughts were not as determinative in me prior to trying DMT and msuhees. The trips are teachings. These theachings IMO have to be implemented in our everyday lives which is the harder part sometimes and requires more effort and consistency/persistency/focus. But it is the strife that meks you stronger, what makes you achieve that no one can take from you, isn't it? :D

I see this world now as we all are sisters and brothers of one another, teachers and pupils in different situations different part of our lives.

your true brother the TrippyThing ! :d
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