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Where to source pereskiopsis

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I havent been able to source this anywhere.. is it common to find it at nurseries? or is there a seed supplier that has seeds?
where do you look? this is really simple to obtain. mostly it is offered as cutting and can be ordered at all the bigger cactus shops.
Once you have some cuttings growing it will duplicate quite fast.
downwardsfromzero said:
How does that translate to mainland Europe?
Could I ask a florist nicely?
There are a few on-line cactus wholesale sites, primarily in the Netherlands. I've seen some that carry peres and San Pedro cuttings, and even Peyote... (I think this has more to do with the Netherlands being the flower and ornamental plant capital of Europe, and less with the whole drug laws thing.)
There are also some shops in Germany who sell it. Its really quite easy to obtain. Otherwise STS would be an idea. If you have a cactus oriented florist this might also work.
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