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Why Are Chaliponga Plants So Rare?

Migrated topic.
The plant in the picture above looks like a garlic vine, I'm not sure why that one is mistaken for chali so often
Damn that's a shame, those were pics uploaded from a different source not kiwi, sad to see it's a dead end, was pretty excited. It looked close to me. Wasnt sure though becuase of the resolution and some of the leafs seemed big.
Are you only after a live plant, or would a source of dried chaliponga also be of help?

I assume you're after a live plant but still, worth asking :)
Yeah, someone gave me one of those and said it was diplopterys but it's got 4leaves at each node instead of 2 and the fresh leaves smell like garlic when crushed. I'v heard that dogs get high on it, like a stim for hunting.
Do you still happen to have the garlic vine ? Is it the one that is used in aya cleansing floral waters that you know of perhaps ?
I know I exhumed this old thread , sorry for that
I planted some diplopterys pubipetala seeds months ago. So far only what I believe to be one has sprouted, though I’m not totally sure it’s not a ‘weed’. I’ll need to post pictures.
Pisgah, over at the nook, seem to have something going on. Check this out.

Also, over at "maui green nutraceuticals" theyve got some for sale that is claimed to have been growing in Hawaii for a while. Ive tried theyr caapi extract about a year or so ago and it was nice but i think the company may have had a falling out...waiting on an order now.

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