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A Guide to DMT Enhanced Leaf (Changa)

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That will not work for mny reasons. Start looking over the dmt extraction threads for more info on why.
I have done an extraction before and just looked over the psychedelic compounds chemical and physical properties which says that Harmine/Harmaline and DMT (all freebase) are soluble in acetone, which makes me think that both of those chemicals would migrate from plant matter to a mixture of Acetone and water made basic with NaOH (or just Acetone and NaOH, if it is soluble). Where is this line of thinking wrong?
Freebase harmaloids aren't all that soluble in acetone. At least not extraction efficent soluble.

You would have to dry-base your mimosa like in a drytek and then you could pull that with acetone, but harmaloids are better pulled in their natural state using an alcohol.

Making a menstrum for the caapi leaves/harmaloid additive is the best way to go, then adding extracted DMT you also no the exact strength/ratio of your product.
smokeydaze said:
Enhanced Leaf
Finally, when making it an important thing to remember is to let the herb completely dry out before having a taste as smoking acetone can make you feel painfully sick after a few cones. If your impatient like me and can't wait that extra day or two before it is completely dry, simply burn the cone before you blast off with a lighter then take it off and if it's still burning it means there's still acetone - just let it finish burning and you should be good to go.


I didn't read all the replies so I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet...

But that does not sound like good advice at all.

I am going to try and make some changa tho.

I have been smoking DMT crystals out of a bong sandwiched between Damiana leaf, but it sounds like it would be easier to just infuse the Damaina leaf with the DMT so I don't have to mess around with weighing out the crystals and worrying about the DMT melting through.
smokeydaze said:

Pau D'Arco: Rich and exuberant meadows of pleasure
Blue/White/Pink Lotus: A distinct pleasurable and bright character
Calea Zacatechichi: The dream herb allows for a perfect synergy
Passion Flower: MAOI which potentiates and lengthens the experience
Caapi: Adds a spirit quality and potentiates and lengthens the experience
Damiana: Unique vibrance and taste
Brugmansia Flowers: Distinct other wordly character
Silene Capensis: African dream herb
Peppermint: Adds fresh soothing qualities
Mullein: Respiratory healing and soothing qualities
Heimia Salicifolia: Increases auditory hallucinations
Justicia Pectoralis: Smoother taste and a nice smell
Salvia Divinorum: Acts as an opener and enabler
Chaliponga: Adds a spirit quality and more magic
Mugwort: Dream synergy and mystical powers
Pedicularis Densiflora: Psychoactive sedating effects
Sculcap: Strengthens, calms and sedates nervous system
Wild Letus: Strengthens, calms and sedates nervous system
Lions Tail: Euphoric smoking herb


White Sage


Harmala Extract


Ayahuasca Android: 70% Caapi - 30% Chaliponga
Dream Scape: 60% Calea - 40% Brugmansia
Electric Sheep: 50% Blue Lotus - 50% Calea
Minty Blast: 40% Capi - 35% Peppermint - 25% Mullein
The Mekong: 50% Passionflower - 50% Blue Lotus
Twisted Fruit: 50% Caapi - 20% Salvia - 30% Mugwort + Bufotenine

Personally, Pau D'Arco does it for me but Blue Lotus, Calea and Passion Flower are also very good.

Whats your favourite leaf to enhance DMT with?

Just another reason I love this place. I wander around a bit and find changa, for some reason I had not come across this idea. I only hypothesized that it would be a good idea to smoke DMT with other plant material to get different experiences. But here it is and well displayed/discuses. I am thinking I will try a blue lotus and harmala. I really enjoy blue lotus tea and feel they would be great together.
^thats a good resource.

Hey I was wondering if anyone had tried using chocolate mint in a changa blend. I have a bunch of it drying that I got from propagation class yesterday. It smells great but is pretty strong. My guess is that you wouldn't need much.
Dorge said:
I get so tired of reading posts that focus on my doses for Changa I really do..
One thing that people need to be aware of is that plants are not chemical factories that produce specific measurable quantities of chemicals for us to make extractions of. For one the randomness of alkaloid content with these plants is high. You can make a ten times extract and still have absolutely no clue even close to the alkaloid content. Plants harvested at different times of day going right next to each other can give dramatically different contents, levels and even alkaloids at times. Regardless Changa does not need to be an exact science. It does not need to be ratios and mg doses in order to be effective... Feel it out! It's pretty forgiving and there is no magic number mg wise to reach some "break through veil" nonsense.

Changa is absolutely like surfing... Aproach it like you would surfing. If you have never surfed, imagine what surfing would be like, do some research on surfing. That research would better Prepairing you then trying to figure out how many mg of what is in what plant and what mg of what that is nessecary to go into your Changa. There's just little point in it... Changa at sub threshold doses has gotten people to realms unimaginable and string as he'll doses has gotten people no where...
It's surfing... Sometimes the smallest wave gives you the best ride, sometimes you wipeout... It's not science it's art...

While this is true it's quite easy to turn this art into a science so that we make the exact perfect changa with our precious spice each time.

Personally I'd forget the 10X leaf....just extract the harmalas and then infuse an exact amount back into the leaf...that's what I did anyway
soulfood said:
MAO is all over the body including the brain (I think) so oral MAOI's only need to be taken if you plan on eating something that requires MAO inhibition in the stomach.

So if one was smoking DMT for example, sublingual thh or similar would be more than adequate for inhibition of said enzymes.

I think MAOI action in changa is still a bit of a mystery.

I have a theory I just came up with as to how MAOI action may work in changa. I'm thinking that because the MAOI travels in smoke with DiMiTri, it arrives and inhibits enzymes where DiMiTri is being absorbed - therefore not nearly as much MAOI is needed because there's not a need to inhibit an unnecessarily high number of MAO. Thoughts?
There are no MAOs in the lungs though (where its absorbed). So MAOI action will probably be at the brain or around (im not sure about MAOs in the blood circulation)
endlessness said:
There are no MAOs in the lungs though (where its absorbed). So MAOI action will probably be at the brain or around (im not sure about MAOs in the blood circulation)

This research article Evidence for reduced arterial plasma input, prolonged lung retention and reduced lung monoamine oxidase in smokers - PubMed seems to indicate that there are MAO present in the lungs (that's not the purpose of the research itself, but if you read through it they talk about MAO content in the lungs)
Quick question. If I were to make make 10x caapi leaves, can I dissolve the DMT directly into the enhanced IPA? (the one i used to extract the caapi), and enhance/infuse the caapi at once, or is it better to make 10x leaf first and then infuse with DMT. The only reason I can think of for it not to work is that the IPA is already saturated, and thus unable to hold any/enough DMT.
Wow. On the last page I posted recipes of recent mixes I've made and the other night I tried out the 'electric salvialantro' mix I prepared. With only a small leaf shred that appeared to be salvia I was extremely impressed.

The hit was harsh, as was expected. Seconds after, there was a cool, healing, loving white light sort of energy that appeared in my heart chakra. It then shot up to my third eye chakra, sat a second, then exploded to engulf the rest of my body. It was extremely conforming and unexpected. Especially considering I've been very hesitant to experiment with salvia.

The changa mix was made with leaves from my own salvia plant and when I went to put some in it, I went for some 10x I purchased. My salvia said "NO! use me instead :)" And so I did.

I'm excited to go further with this mix until I'm ready to start smoking salvia by itself. Changa, what a great idea this was.
I have finally made and smoked a batch of 10x caapi changa with DMT in a 1:1 ratio. I smoked some very pure freebase a few eves before for comparison. An interesting experience, but short lived and very electric and intense. The 10x caapi changa rocked my world, I don't think now I have any desire to smoke freebase, although I guess they each have their own pros and cons. But the caapi changa resonates with me much more. I smoked some 10x caapi leaf, and then some 10x caapi changa after, and this was an incredibly beautiful and blissful experience!! A state of pure rapturous awe and bliss. I have some vine to brew, and am now determined to save the changa for smoking having drank this, or having ingested some Hawaiian Copelandia mushrooms or LSD to really make the most of it. Amazing stuff, can't believe it took me so long to make a batch! Thanks to all changa aficionados on here for the info. 😉
I've been experimenting with the blend I made that features salvia leaf and I have to say, I'm very impressed. Only trouble is, since DMT melts at a lower temperature than salvinorin-a I find that I'm torching the hell out of the DMT to make sure I burn the salvia leaf as well. Anybody know a way to burn salvia leaf without torching the spice? I don't want to make a sandwich BTW.
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