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A new traveler emerges from the void

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Hello everyoneveryone and thankyou for having me.
I've lurged through this forum for almost a year nw and I finally decided that it was time for me to make an account and start contributing to the greatness that is the nexus.

Ill give you a short tidbit about myself.
I'm in my early 20s, and I work in a call center. I'm a veteran of the US Navy (submarine service). I've dabbled with psychedelic substances a few times during my teenage years, but the past year and a half that I've been home my intake has definitley skyrocketed. I've done se fungus a handful of times, blotter more then I can count. I've only had the luck of trying some DMT about four or five times, lack of availability and such in my area. Eventually wanted to procure myself a nice amount to hold onto for myself and friends so I decided give an extraction a shot.my first one wasn't to successful as my friend gave me less then part instructions but im doing a second one as I type (well waiting for the naptha and lye to separate). The posts ive read here have given me such a greater understanding for the chemical, the processes and the science behind it and I canthink thank you all enough.

I hope I can in someway help contribute here and at least help one person out with the experience I currently have( limited I know) and the knowledge that is sure to fruit after being apart of the nexus.

I'm pretty horrible at these things so I apologize in advance. However if you have any questions that aren't to critical in identifying me personally ask away or shoot me a message.
Welcome to the Nexus!

There really is nothing better than accomplishing a successful extraction. It is relatively easy and the reward is well worth the time and effort put into it. I just recently finished making a new batch of changa. It is still drying but I'm excited to try it out because it has been a couple months since my last journey. Anyway, enjoy the forum and have a good one!

Putting my active naptha through a filter now for the first pull :)
Never had the chance to try enhanced leaf but I think I may make a batch with some of this yield ssince im doing about 2kg acacia so I should have more then enough to experiment with. Thanks for the welcome.
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