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AB extraction

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Rough Draft, might add ratios later

150g MHRB placed in crockpot
Covered with water / vinegar mix
Set on LOW for 3 hours
Boiled 300 mL of water in separate pan on stovetop, mixed in 80g of non-iodized salt
Dumped into crockpot and stirred
Stirred crockpot every 30 minutes

Repeated X3
but 3rd time Swim heated bark for 6 hours
So bark spent total of 12 hours in heated crockpot

Ended up with 1250 mL of liquid after all 3 decants
Bark discarded

Needed to evap the liquid, too excessive for 2.2L glass canister
Boiled liquid over hot stove in large metal pot until SWIM was satisfied with reduction
Cooled, then poured back into glass canister
Swim did not measure final amount of liquid, but estimated approx 700mL

Swim put on eye protection, Nitrile gloves, and respirator
Made sure room was well ventilated

Slowly added 150g of Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) while stirring
Red/Brown solution turned Grey/White, then DARK Brown/Black
Stirred for 10 minutes

Swim placed glass canister containing base solution into a large pot filled with warm water over heated stove top

Added 250 mL VM&P Naphtha
Stirred vigorously for 5 minutes
Let settle for 10 minutes

Repeated stir process 5x

Extracted Naphtha/Freebase DMT mix into glass Pyrex dish

Repeated entire Naphtha process 3x,
Extracting all pulls into same pyrex dish

The dish containing extracted Naphtha was placed in front of fan overnight for pre-evaporation
Swim did this to concentrate the DMT better
Naphtha was reduced by half by the morning.
Blew into naphtha, and naphtha clouded. Swim saw that this was good
(Next time Swim will evap naphtha over heat source while fanning, for a faster evap.)

Dish covered and sealed, placed into freezer for freeze precipitation
Kept in freezer for 48 hours...

immediately dumped Naphtha from Pyrex dish into separate glass storage container.
Re-covered Pyrex dish containing DMT crystals placed back into freezer
this time upside down for 1 hour, to remove excess Naphtha

After Swim removed Pyrex dish from freezer
Swim did not see a good advantage to placing the dish upside down in freezer, DMT crystals still wet without a lot of runoff
Place dish in front of fan in a cold ventilated room for of 1 hour

Scraped crystals from dish
Weighed on Mg scale
Yield: 2.444g

Made a 4th test pull with Xylene
Solvent's fumes were more potent than SWIM expected. Swim stored the xylene pull away for another extraction soon using FASA.

To be continued and edited.

Feedback, critique, criticism all welcome

More notes: Naphtha pull came out piss yellow from base solution, especially the first pull, yielding a more yellow powder this time compared to extractions in the past.
Swim believes the Naphtha turned out more yellow this time due to being re-used from a previous extraction. Swim believes the re-used Naphtha contains a higher oil and fat content. Swim also believes a higher stove temperature during naphtha mixing and extraction process contributed to more yellow pulls.
Swim is not going to wash crystals, leaving them as is.


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