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well this seems the apt place to make my first post (go figure).
i like to scour many forums with similar strings of information, compiling mental pictures of little bits of the psychedelic zeitgeist. the psychedelic culture and experience is my shit, just love it, the shared visions and manifestations and the animate creatures and the various substantial tools that make it what it is, unfolding the infinite treasures of the mind. psychedelic is everything, everything is psychedelic.
firstly i'm a shroomhead, absolutely love the fungus. i love studying and working with mycelium, its like the neural network joining all the organic matter of the earth terraform, infusing it with the animate, the creative. very important stuff, man. cultivation of the mushroom is a favorite zen of mine, whether it be growing shiitake shrooms out of a decaying log, or splicing cardboard spawns of psilocybin into large flats of pasteurized horse dung.
in general, growing, extracting, or synthesizing entheogenic compounds is of great interest to me, and as all of us here probably agree, should be of great interest to any human being.
organic gardening and permaculture is another area of work i've given my time to as well. i strive to do the good work on this plane, in whatever form that is.
my head is no stranger to psychedelics, i'm well acquainted with mr. dimitri, ms. lucy, uncle pedro, aunt aya, and their pet toadstool--the whole gang :D. we are the psychonautical cyber-shamanic head conduits channeling the ethereal electrical vortex through the infinite hyperspatial dimensions, grinning ear to ear and loving every non-minute, non-moment of it.
what it is, what it is.
be well.
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