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Any advice on the coil-less wax atomizers please?


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Hey guys. I been using e-mesh for some time. Quite good device. Only problem for me was difficulties with loading, and being a one hit device. I would wish to have a possibility to load50-80mg and do three/four tokes on it.

So then i got into d-juice with my Kylin Mini v2. Very nice method, and i would be loving it so much, but i dont like the PG/VG vapour to much... I feel that its not doing good to my lungs, so i would like to avoid it.

In my reaserach i came around the coil-less wax atomizers. Like MOTAR, or VIVANT INCENDIO, or HONEY STICK PLASMA 510.
I been reading some experiences here and some of you guys says its fine, some says its not.

As i imagine it i would like to load as i said 40-80mg of spice and have a possibility to vape it in few tokes (beetween 3-5). So i would be able to use it with my vaporhuasca sessions.

Can you share some of your experience with the tool? And direct me to the best one (if there is any)?

Thank you so much.
I do not have experience with the three devices you listed. I do, however, have experience with different devices that function the way you would like, per your indications.

The device I have used most since being introduced to DMT is the Yocan Evolve Plus (not the XL model). It has coils, which I realize you clearly are looking for coilless vapes, but at least hear me out - You are barely firing the coil. When I use this device, I inhale steadily while alternating 1 second on, 1 second off on the power button. There is no temp settings to mess with or adjust. Just pulse the button to avoid burning the spice. Using the device this way, you can use it for innumerable sessions before needing to change the coil. Additionally, I have been using the same coil for so long, I can truthfully fire the device without loading anything and get a fairly decent inhale. It is phenomenally easy to session with, and regulate intensity by measuring the length of your inhales.

Another newer device, that I would call somewhere inbetween coilless and coil-using, is the Yocan Orbit. I have purchased one of these and only used it a couple times, not enough to form a strong opinion. There is a very detailed thread about this device here.

The strong positives of the Orbit are that it uses a quartz cup style atomizer, so your spice doesn't make direct contact with the heating element. Additionally, all your melted spice easily sits in the quartz cup, again, fulfilling your desire for a sessionable device. This device needs to be kept upright IME. Moreso than the Evolve Plus. The entire atomizer is glass and quartz so you can clearly see if you have melted spice left in the chamber or if your cup is still warm enough to produce vapor, as you can actually see the vapor setting in the atomizer chamber. I have not used the Orbit enough to have a strong opinion about it, but find it worthwhile and pleasant enough to continue trying it out.

I realize I have neither fulfilled your desire for a coilless device with this input, or commented on the devices you named, but feel that either of these devices could easily (and inexpensively) fulfill your desired use style/experience.

Sv <3
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