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Ayahuasca in the Sun

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Hi all,

Been a while since I was on here. I'm preparing for another launch however this time I'm considering having the experience out in nature under the sun. So my question; does anyone have any experience with ayahuasca in daylight? -Preferably in summer. How has the experience differed compared to having it at night?

Having psylocybin during the day is almost completely different to when I have it at night.

I did a caapi only brew on a sunny day and it was a big mistake! I'd always enjoyed tripping in the daytime, especially mushrooms and cacti but didnt have any experience with harmalas. Anyway, I had a load of caapi already brewed for a planned aya experience the following weekend and thought I'd test a bit without any chacruna, just to gauge its strength.

Drank about the equivalent of 100g vine and lay down in the sun in my back garden. Before long, I started feeling heavy, hot, sweaty and dizzy, and the sounds of everyday life in the streets around me became uncomfortably loud, grating, metallic. The sunlight got painfully bright too, and I decided to make a break for the indoors while I was still capable.

I got inside but didnt manage to close the curtains or make a comfortable space for myself and basically ended up rolling around the floor and crawling back and forth to the toilet for both ends purging, all the while trying to shield my eyes from the harsh daylight pouring in from every window.

The following weekend I drank a similar amount of brew, with chacruna, at night with blackout blinds on the windows and a comfortable place to lie and it all went smoothly, so that's it for daytime aya for me.

Changa in the daytime, especially out in the countryside is nice though, and very different to nighttime sessions.
Thanks for that. I wonder if other people have the same uncomfortable types of experiences.

The night does seem perfectly fitting for ayahuasca.
In the dark, you realy get to see more. And it's also realy nice to be in a quiet place.

I believe that the best circumstances, at least visually, are when you're in a place that's dark, but not completely dark.
I had a low dose experience in the sun during the warm texas heat. it was nice, very visually pleasant and comforting at the start, then it got dark. both literally and metaphorically. didn't really matter that it was daylight out. i had someone walk with me while i was nearly returned to baseline, and it was a very beautiful walk. i'd recommend to just try it for yourself maybe and let us know what you think.
After my one and only horrifically-searing experience in full sun:

Anything which forcibly dilates your pupils, is a Bad Idea, in a bright environment, especially if it's also hot.

IMO, there's a good reason ceremonies are always conducted at night...
I can recommend it in the sun. I find the daylight to be emotionally uplifting, and I can feel a strong energetic interaction with the sunlight. I typically like my DMT experiences in bright settings, but that's just me.
Thanks for the responses. I guess it's just something I'd have to try myself. I was curious because of how it affected my mushroom experiences. At night they seemed dark, I almost purely have to face my surfacing fears, which is a great opportunity, but when I had them during the day in nature on a sunny day, they just seemed to give me a gentle and golden experience, beautiful, full of love and insight.

I can't complain with my ayahuasca experiences at night, every experience has been amazing and cherished. But yeah, I guess I'm just curious. Being in the sun out in nature is really rejuvenating for me.

I'll definitely post back if I decided to try it.
I've done Ayahuasca in the daytime, and what I noticed is that the sun shone and darkened through being covered with clouds at synchronistic moments according to what I was being taught at time. Very curious.
It absolutely will. Every perceived change is a change within ourself.

Our perceived environment is a state of mind.
Ayahuasca in the sun is amazing. I once drank aya in a ceremony, in the mountains of California during the day, it was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced.
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