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Ayahuasca / Jungle Spice

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Merry Christmas to you all!

OK, let me start with the Ayahuasca part.

Having experienced the enlightening effects of smoking freebase DMT, I decided to try give Ayahuasca a try. In hindsight, my recipe could have done with some fine tuning (thanks House for your input here!), however the experience all wasn’t lost...or gained!

I woke early and decided to brew up a mix of 30/30 grams of Chaliponga / Black Caapi Vine for the brew. The process to make the brew was simple and took approximately 6 hours - I brewed, filtered, reduced, re-brewed, filtered, reduced, combined, reduced, re-filtered until I had 2 standard cups of a translucent reddish-brown liquid.

I sipped the brew over the course of 45 minutes whilst sitting on my sofa in a comfortable environment listening to Banco De Gaia. The smell of the tea reminded me of walking through my cousin’s farmyard, whilst the taste of it reminded me of an avant-garde Chinese tea I once tried a few years ago. In fact, one might say it was strangely pleasant to drink.

An hour passed and no purge. Slowly but surely I started to experience an increased sense of awareness. Colours around me started to shine and become vibrant, like watching a movie shot in Technicolor. It wasn’t like a full on spice experience, more like a mellow come-on, gentle, but potent.

After two and a half hours, I felt really contempt – attached to the sofa with a kind of out of body floating effect, not out of control but perfectly aware of what was going on and enjoying the music that was playing.

There were some fractal looking shapes in my peripheral vision throughout the experience, but nothing too distracting – or intriguing for that matter. I recall thinking that my dose was 20g less than the original recipe I had based my dosage on and that I could do with the “volume” turning up on the effects. That wasn’t to happen, however I didn’t feel disappointed.

Approximately six hours elapsed before I hit baseline.

For next time, I will (based on recommendations from a few people so far) prepare a 10/50 gram mix of Chaliponga / Black Caapi Vine instead for the brew – any recommendation on this would be greatly appreciated!

Now on to the Jungle Spice section...

Tonight as I was cleaning out my glassware, I came across a specimen dish that had some amber coloured spice residue from an extraction conducted two or three months ago, like the type of material that you get during a DMT extraction, with oily residual left over in the dish. I thought GREAT! Let’s vapourise it and enjoy the festive season with a trip to elf land! I knew it wasn’t pure spice, more likely to be jungle spice, and expected it to be a bit harsh.

Sure enough after a few tokes on the smokey vapour, I was transported into familiar territory!

The important thing that I noticed was that the amber coloured spice tasted EXACTLY like the Ayahuasca tea I had drank a week before – the only difference being that the amber looking spice was prepared from MHRB, not Chaliponga and Black Vine Caapi.

So, my primitive brain started to think – would it be possible to brew an Ayahuasca drink, reduce it down until there was a thick residue left and then let the remaining water evaporate and smoke what was left? The stuff that I extracted from MHRB smelt the same as the Ayahuasca drink, so why wouldn’t it work if I smoked it? (less the MAOI via the Caapi.) Would it be possible to make a resin from the brew that could be vaporised?

From what I have experienced so far, I want to make another Ayahuasca brew and reduce it down to see if there is any residue left that can be dried in to a solid and then smoked. I know it sounds a lot like Changa, but has anyone tried reducing Ayahuasca down to a solid-like material before? Is it possible to extract the alkaloids from the liquid in the same way that you would do a STB extraction on MHRB etc?

I will post an update on this once I've tried it, but it is likely to be a couple of weeks as I won’t have time over Christmas! Feedback would be appreciated!
30 grams of chaliponga:shock: :shock:
God are you kidding!...Id be thanking my lucky stars you didint completely loose it there!...thats a freakin HUUUUUGGE dose of chaliponga..
Personally I go with somewhere from 2-5 grams of chali. The stuff is about 10x as potent as chacruna..I think 30-50 grams of chacruna is normal for most people..so 5 grams of chali should be like 50 grams of chacruns but weirder becasue of the 5meo.. sure you didn't brew with chacruna?
THe 5meo makes chaliponga difficult..if I took 30 grams of chaliponga I think I would have to check myself into the closest mental ward for a few days!..who knows though maybe you had real week chaliponga or are very tolerant to MAOI's..

Either Id be happy thats all I experienced with a dose like that!

At 5-6 grams of chalipong I have had experiences where I got stuck in looping cycles of destruction and creation..over and over..all you can really is hang on tight until it's over..

Really I think you must need more MAOI's for your body type..chaliponga is active even without caapi becasue the 5meo is orally active..perhaps the caapi had notmuch effect and you just experienced orally active 5meo..even quids of chali are active on their own at like 5 grams.

A brew of 10 grams chaliponga and 50 grams Caapi sounds much better(and safer)..better to up the dose of MAOI's than the chali..Still watch out..chaliponga can be VERY difficult at times..if you have never experiences a high dose of 5meo I would be weary..
Thanks Fractal Enchantment, yes I've been told the dose sounds big, but it's true. See my images taken during preparation in the links below. I'm not an expert in identifying the Chaliponga leaves but it certainly looks like it from the research that I've done thus far.

For sure I am going to be extra precautious next time as I up the dose on the MAOI.

Picture 1
Picture 2

(edited to correct the pic link)
Also if you want to do an extraction I would just do a normal extrction on chaliponga or mimosa, and a eperate one for caapi and evap onto something to make changa..

Jungle spice also comes only from mimosa..chaliponga contains other alkaloids like 5meo and maoi's and others..but jungle spice is the name for the very powerful red spice that is extracted from mimosa with tolune or xylene, limonine etc after the white spice has been pulled..the jungly jimjam is a maix of the DMT spice and the jungle spice.
Thanks again for the feedback on this, let me experiment on the Ayahuasca reducing to see what's left for smoking. I'll also try a separate extraction on the vine and leafs, although I'm tempted to use MHRB instead of the Chaliponga due to defat steps you have mentioned.
most likely your brew was weak cause you didn't use enough vine. (99% of the time if aya an analoug doesn't "work" its because of insufficient MAOI)
You need to reduce your amount if your using chali... 30g is insane and your lucky it was so forgiving....
try 15 tops and up the vine.
yeah 30 g pry not enough for some it is but everyone different. I have used 50 grams before and had a light experience similar to yours. next time i uped it to 100 g cappi, and that was more like it! i recomend 75-100 g for fully active experience.
yea u definetly got chali leaves, they look good too....
Please god don't use 30 grams next time you got seriously lucky, I have seen someone take to much it was VERY scary. He asked my what i was doing here, and if he was dreaming, or had taken drugs, I told him we took some tea together and he had took a second cup. Of course he had no clue what i was talking about, he just got stuck in a never ending thought loop and kept asking me the same questions over and over and over and over at least 50 times I shit you not! 15g tops! even 15 g is very powerful
There is no such thing as too much Caapi--very profound and life-altering experiences, yes, so do not take this statement lightly, but Caapi is unique in that she is nontoxic (compare that to Rue!), and the more of her you work with, the more she is going to ground and prolong the experience, while serving as a translator and motherly protector of your soul while you venture the spirit realms.

I HAVE had Caapi active in the 50g range, but it is unlikely; if you have lots of materials, I would say, try 100 and see where that takes you. (Of course, I say this on the premise you have set/setting, intentions, sitter/safety plans, and a nice purge bucket on hand... PREPARE!! :) ) I'm extremely sensitive, and 100-125g blessed vine works for me, but other hardheads I know need a lot more to experience anything. But it is best to work your way up, and build a relationship...

Another thing is, your cooking theory sounds great, but I would highly recommend 3 x 3 hour boils. Doing less has negatively impacted potency of the brew; doing more hasn't enhanced the experience. There is something profound about the 9 hour cook.

Finally, with light, less is more--ESPECIALLY if your brews are Caapi-weak. Think of the vine as a surgeon, and the admixture her source of light: if your intention was to purge demons, she finds some, and you brought the helicopter search lights instead of a modest prayer candle, the experience can be confusing, terrifying, and you will not hear the voice of the vine at all.

She is also quite visionary on her own (although I have found the black variety to be most somatic and least visual). It is really worth building a relationship with the vine, because if you treat her well and win her heart, she won't just show you the most amazing things, but she will teach you about them, and bring a curriculum to your studies. The oral visionary experience is also much more sustained, so it's good to learn your materials, your body, and increase slowly.

I don't know anything about the chemistry side of your questions, but Ayahuasca and the jungle Changuar make an amazing team. :)

Have you ever tried smoking Caapi vine/leaf? They are also active, smoked, on their own...
This is why I feel so reluctant to drink aya brewed by anyone but me..I cant imagine drinking 100g of vine..I have had a few people over at aya forums confirm that they are very sensitive as well, and like me can feel the effects of caapi at only 15 grams..

I have seriously met the spirit of ayahuasca face to face at no more than 15 grams vine and maybe 4 grams chali..like I was pulled into a full blown vision with this woman there, and I knew her to be ayahuasca..and she gave me a vision I will never forget.

I have done tons and tons of work with caapi though so maybe I developed some sort of reverse tolerancy..
There are many different types of Caapi, and I am speaking generally. I have found with the ones that are active at 20 grams--the stomach will not want anything beyond that.

The ones that require you to drink more, are much sweeter and lighter in flavor, and seem to invite you to keep drinking. Just my experience.

It would definitely be wrong of me to say that all types are active at 20g--I've found them few and far between. I've also tried the extremely potent ones at my standard dose, and the fully-immersive experience I was expecting did not qualitatively differ in a visionary sense from the 20g--I just purged a LOT harder. There is much to be told by the smell when you are cooking...

When I started drinking, I began at 10g, 20g, moving in increments of 10g until I found exactly where I wanted to be. It's beneficial in so many different ways...

I switched strains of vine a little while ago, and after thinking it was no good, I was shocked to hear the vendor tell me to double my dose. I did precisely that, and... yeah. Exact same spirit, exact same person, exact same methods of preparation... but different materials required 2x to produce the same depth of experience I was accustomed to. (The vine I use now is also affirmatively handled with respect.)

I think some types of vine hit other people differently, too. I NEVER purge with white vine, but yellow and cielo are different stories.

On the subject of drinking another person's brew, intentions and the spirit of the person brewing are SO important. Hypothetically speaking, if I were to share with anyone, I would obviously gauge their dose on the potency of the materials I have at the time, and would NEVER serve something I haven't tested extensively myself. If I need 100g to enter a deep state, chances are, a normal person will need more. But, if I happen upon vine where I only need 20, no way would I ever serve someone 100.

The *best* thing to do, if one wants a long term relationship with the medicine, is to start low, preferably without admixture.

Admixture gets CRAZY without a strong base of vine, and should be added with utmost caution. 2g of Mimosa and 30g of vine will be hell--even if that 30g is enough to feel Aya on her own and reach inhibition, higher amounts of vine seem to do more to balance an admixture-heavy experience. 2g of Mimosa and 100g of vine will be smooth, beautiful sailing. This was my other point: if someone is inclined to work with high amounts of admixture, a heavy-vine brew is absolutely necessary.

I tend to need 50-75% the amount of vine that most people need, experienced trippers, hardheads, and fellow Ayahuasca drinkers alike, so I do understand the sensitivity. :)

Edit: What I could have said to be more succinct is, a breakthrough dose of Ayahuasca alone is not necessarily the ideal amount of Caapi one wants to be drinking when adding moderate-to-heavy amounts of admixture. Increasing the Caapi, while not intensifying the experience too much (breakthrough with Caapi is just breakthrough), may or may not increase the purging and/or length of a ceremony, but WILL DEFINITELY GROUND FEAR. There are no negative effects of drinking beyond what is needed for MAO inhibition, even considerably; with admixture, taking too much is brutal. That bit of extra Caapi TOTALLY grounds the fear and makes the experience much more understandable and navigatable. I've done lots of Caapi-only, but never ever had too much Caapi; I've had too much admixture, and the working solution seems to be, as long as there is PLENTY of vine, the fear is hugely diminished.
What a great read! I'm never disappointed with the superb quality of information this place has to offer.

The plant spirits have obviously decided to give me a second chance. I feel lucky, and privileged.

I have on hand Banisteriopsis Yellow Caapi leaves and Banisteriopsis Caapi Black vine as well as Chaliponga. I haven't tried the Caapi leaves in the brew yet, only for Changa (which was excellent and a story for another time). Do you have any suggestions on what I should try then for a Caapi-only brew, vine or leaves?

100g Caapi sounds a bit too much for me right now. I'm thinking I should be taking the same route as ms_manic_minxx mentioned, doesing low and slowly building up. Just for reference, what works best, vine or leaves? I assume the vine as that is what is normally used for Ayahuasca.

Have you ever tried smoking Caapi vine/leaf? They are also active, smoked, on their own...

Yes I have, I crumbled up around 4-5 leaves of Yage, but I didn't "smoke" it. I heated the leaves in a home-made vaporisor and inhaled the vapour over a period of about an hour until the leaves turned black, with no noticeable effects. I didn't smoke it in a traditional manner because at the moment I don't have a suitable bong and they are not readily available where I live. I might even have to construct a home made one.

I have seriously met the spirit of ayahuasca face to face at no more than 15 grams vine and maybe 4 grams chali..like I was pulled into a full blown vision with this woman there, and I knew her to be ayahuasca..and she gave me a vision I will never forget.

That sounds amazing, the quantities involved here seem to vary from person to person. I'm still not sure why I didn't blast off on the brew I prepared. I think it must be all about the Caapi activating the light?
if your starting low and being cautious, why not start with a vine only brew? that would give you a chance to get to know aya abit before you dive in..
Go with at least 50 or 75 tho you may have to up it from there and might waste materials..
some great advice here! thanks ms minxx

I started on vine-only brews, then added a little chacruna - all amazing .. a later brew was done with THP method for the Caapi, but dont think I used enough.. and went a bit heavy on the chacruna... this brew did not take me to a good place. Since then I have only been drinking other peoples brews, more out of circumstance than anything else (I found a local group that drink together regularly) .. but I think in the coming weeks I will alot a few days to spend some intimate time with mother Aya again. As much as I love the group dynamics, I miss the quietness and depth when drinking alone.
I have some Chali I'd like to try also... from what some people have written.. maybe just 3-5 grams per dose.
For brewing the tea, vine is what's necessary. Although, I have read the leaves impart a more vibrant and "bubbly" quality to the brew when added with the vine.

Visions also seem to deepen over a period of time; not everyone breaks through the first time. I think it took about 6 months before I had my first fullblown Pablo Amaringo-eqsue vision, to that extent of depth and color (and productive sessions are not always necessarily visual ones).

Caapi activates the light, but that isn't all she does; Caapi-only brews can be INTENSELY visionary on their own. There is a lot of literature online that talks about the vine being used JUST to activate the admixture plants--but if you take the time to get to know the vine--you will be intensely rewarded! Vine-only brews are not disappointing, given you drink enough to experience significant CNS depression and start to hear "the buzzing". If you feel nothing, you may want to drink a little more.
Holy cow! I just searched "Pablo Amaringo" and was blown away by his paintings!! Seems he recently passed away too. Wow these images are simply amazing!
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