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Ayahuasca with lemon. How much?

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I'm preparing for my first aya voyage. Have ordered white vine and chaliponga. And the journey will take place soon. Will use 250g vine and 12.5g chali. This will be divided into 5 cups. Now to the problem!

I can't stand the taste of vinegar, so...

How much freshly squeezed lemon do you use per amount of water?

Do you add lemon every time you add water?

I've tried serching the forums and the web and have not found any satisfying answer. Sorry if I searched badly :(
۩ said:
You don't even need to add lemon!

Yeah, I know but I heard the brew gets more power if its slightly acidic. True? Or just rumours?

But on the other hand I would want to think the brew tastes a bit better when not acidic.

Thanks for the fast reply, House. Now I'm off to work. Good day
use 10% phosphoric acid in a concentration of 1 drop per 100ml of distilled water.

if you do this when it is reduced the acidity would be similar to a can of soda

based on "hummingbirds" tek
Ime, acid in the water makes preparation faster and there isn't a noticeable increase in potency. I'm pretty sure citrates and acetates will be converted to hydrochlorides in the stomach, so it's all the same by the time it gets in you.

Using acidified water not only affects the taste (both drinking and purging) but can be distracting to have in your stomach. It feels sharp and sour inside, plus you've got the increased awareness of your body to amplify things.

I have not noticed an increase in potency using acidified water.

aside: I'm guessing you're doing multi boils and reducing the pulls. With acidified water you'll need less boils and have a faster prep. Brewing without acidified water takes longer but the taste is much better. Either way just keep boiling and pouring off into your reducing pot until the water won't pull any color from the plants anymore, you'll have all the actives in your dark and reducible brew. I'd recommend plenty of clean water :)
I would avoid lemon for two reasons:

1) the citric acid does not boil off, but concentrates as you reduce your brew...this can, if too much is used, cause stomach issues and premature purging.
2) your brew will taste 1000x worse than a traditional brew

Use white vinegar it boils off completely and won't contaminate your brew with unnesessary acids.

As posted phosphoric acid also works amazingly well, the only issue is it is not volitile and concentrates like citric acid. It does make for a potent brew if you have good plant materials.

The amount really doesn't matter all that much. I use 4 tablespoons per liter of water for my first cook. 2 tbls for my second, and NO vinegar for my thrid cook. The acid is only an aid, but tap water itself (unless you live where the water is really basic) can pull Caapi alkaloids with no issue. When you reduce your brew, slowly reduce it all the way down, if it still smells of vinegar (and this can happen) simply add more water and reduce some more. Boiling doesn't hurt Caapi alkaloids, so this can be done without fear of hurting or weakening your brew.

As for Chali, I propose you brew it seperately and combine at the very end, or even drink seperately but back to back with your Caapi (I combine liquids before drinking but that is a personal preference). Chali only needs 30 minutes at a VERY light boil and then another 10-30minutes at below boiling temps. It does not need hours upon hours of brewing (like Caapi) to release it's magic. The amount of water is greatly reduced as well....and I only add a splash or two of vinegar...it does not need much at all.

After brewing many weak or unsucceful brews, this is the method that I have found works best for me.
deamsterphile said:
use 10% phosphoric acid in a concentration of 1 drop per 10ml of distilled water.

if you do this when it is reduced the acidity would be similar to a can of soda

based on "hummingbirds" tek

It is 1 drop per 100mlof water for the "hummingbird" tek.
Thank you all for your replys. This clears things out.

Will not use any acidic. And thanks Acolon on the Chali. Really usefull info.
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