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BAD Trips aka DMT is not what you think

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Alot of people think that DMT is a benign lil entheogen that takes you to the land of elves, bubblegum and fairly floss. This couldn't be further from the truth. Yes you can have positive experiances (rare) with this stuff but when it takes you to the dark corridors you won't go back soon.

In my experiances and many other people I have dabbled it with DMT can take you to the dimensions that are voodistic/ vampiric and pure evil although sometimes it's glossed over as yay bubblegum happy land. I saw this astral happyland and then something slipped and I glimpsed on what was going on behind this circus show and it wasn't happy land anymore. It was more darker more sinister and definelty not good. Some kind of Cthulian, insectoid, reptilian beings, ready to drill into yer third eye and operate/probe and generally fuck with your soul or some shit.

It doesn't sound very scary on paper but when you are there you realize you have made some grave grave mistake and you ARE fuckin in the grip of something much more cunning and manevolent than anything on earth.

I never wrote my trips down although one particular trip stays with me, it was a jellyfish/octopus like being that swallowed me and inside it was like the strangest most twisted visions of evil. It was possesion of some sort, I grew fangs and I felt very scared for my soul, it was fucked and I felt/sensed that this stuff can open up a gateway to very very bad places that won't go away after the trip is over.

I felt emotionally and spiritually drained for months afterwards and I still don't feel 100 % normal. Somehow once you open these certain gateways they can stay open and my dreams were seriously twisted and bizarre since my experiances, it's like these things can enter through these portals while you sleep. Each morning I would feel seriously drained and fatigued, no shit this ALL started after using DMT for a few months.

I in short I felt possesed by something. This stuff takes you to places that are NOT in your best intrests. I found some reports from some articulate trippers. These are just a handful of things you may encounter on DMT, it ain't the spirit molecule thats for sure. It's more like the alien voodo chemical. Check this shit out, my experiances exactly....


It's those funny little trolls that speak in visual words that freaked me out!

They weren't Kosher either....There was something sinister about them...they moved like insects....the whole experience felt like a twisted Tim Burton movie.

And all they wanted to know was about my world....the words that came out of their mouths--I could see them, looked like those enochian letters used by occultists.

It's their insect-like movements that really troubled me!

It's as if they were black widow spiders to me...and I don't know why...


it was really like i had freed something evil from a bottle... not a genie! she kept cackling about how good it was to be free again and that i should keep her out and bring her out more... but it all rang wrong.. like it didnt feel right.

i had essentially been along for the ride up till now... sorta taking ti all in. but at that point i realized the time was to act. it was like a lucid dream all of a sudden. i had the power to change how events were going down. realization of what was happening led me to move forward.. and i did... but i left my body behind.... i turned and looked and saw myself sitting there meditating.... and gmg sitting there beside me. i looked into the kitchen and there was this creature. i told it that it was unwelcome here... and that if it didnt leave i would make it. this seemed to infuriate the whatever ti was... lady spirit/demon?

she went around faster and faster and kept cackling like mad...
so... not knowing what to do... i concentrated... and called at it... like magnetism... but not... it sounds goofy i know... but i sucked it back into me. after i sucked it back into me i started talkign to gmg about what was going on.... and i got REALLY jittery... like shaking.... bouncing my legs while sitting there....

i think i had trapped it in me... but thats no fucking good. so i ended up taking two more hits off the pipe that has god knows how much residue in it.. (i ALWAYS pack more on top... the herb is saturated )

spending all of my focus to cleanse myself... to just get rid of the bad... and just focued my will on it.

and that was the end of that experience. it sorta freaked me out... as i felt soo damn zapped the last time i did it (w/ wayy too much) and had an encounter before where it seemed like a snakelike lady was wrapped around my torso and sitting on my shoulder.... i wondered if perhaps they were some kind of parasitic spirit that sucked something out of me... fed off me in a vampiric fasion.. but could only do so when my mind was sorta phased into hyperspace... and when i went way out there (the 150 mgs) it was able to suck more out of me....

soo.. i sorta thought she could be the same spirit i had encountered soo many times.. and was really not thrilled w/ the idea of anything feeding off me...


Swim finally rolls over and stares at ceiling only to make eye contact with a sinister looking being that resembled an evil jester. Swim spoke to this being with an ancient language for a short time, and the conversation seemed to lean towards, "I told you so..."then his voice started to fade, then certain facial features, finally fading to black.


ASSISTANT: Was it a big cat?
SUBJECT: Um… my idea was there were lots of domestic cats, and it wasn’t a big cat like a jaguar, and I hadn’t even thought of a jaguar until I said it now, obviously it might have formed some sort of expectation, because I’d read about jaguars… but this was someone communicating to me in spirit form… I wish I could remember it…
ASSISTANT: You said it was too beautiful to describe.
SUBJECT: Yeah, it still is… I wish I could remember it… I can remember it…
ASSISTANT: You said it was a dying shaman…
SUBJECT: I saw him on the wall, that’s right! Yes! thank you ASSISTANT [laughter], I saw him on the wall, and he was lying in a swamp of blood, it was like blood, and he had skulls all around, it was like he was lying on this morass of bodies in a swamp, there was blood instead of water, and the skulls were all around his head like a halo, and they were covered with vomit, this orange vomit, which was coming out of their eyes… [sigh] …and that’s it, that was all there was… [heavy breathing]


There is something decidedly alien and even Cthulhuic about the DiMenTions of DeMenTia. Lovecraft's descriptions of 'non-Euclidian geometries' and 'angles which appear acute but somehow *turn out* to be ob-tuse' are very reminiscent of the Escheresque qualities of DMT as it warps the usual Laws of Form; as are the 'strange geometries' AOS sometimes perceived (according to K.Grant). The taranticular insectoid cyber-tentacle which emerged from a whirlpool of blood (the Well of Remembrance) and drilled into my Ajna on my second (smoked) DMT trip is in retrospect decidedly Cthuloid


. I smoked with him on his back portch and after the first and only hit i took i was quickly transported to another place. No aliens, elves or giant insects, the best description would be like a night club in the netherworld. In this place my friend who also smoked it was there with me and he told me that this was what he was triing to show me. With the end of every statement, a woman came by and touched the center of my forhead and my mouth filled up with blood.


between that trip and the next i talked w/ gmg... we talked about how we feel things touch us while we are on dmt. and we know its not the other person doing it. she described the last session she had as being sort of probed... being drilled into... and it not hurting.. but feeling it.. in her jaw.. and her head... (almost like they were taking samples or checking levels..


i was dead... decaying... and that wasnt soo bad.. the bugs eating me i could handle... but towards the end.. a female cold presence came and started probing me with odd hook like instruments.. like a cross between what a dentist and a slaughteryard would use....

ripping open this... poking here... and it did NOT feel good.

as this became unbearable... i WILLED the experience away... and luckily i got away from it...
almost yacked afterwards (like 5 mins afterwards) but did not...


The best metaphor that I can come up with for what I went through is that of an alien abduction. It felt as though I was being examined and probed by a cold, unemotional, foreign presence whose intentions were unclear but seemed very sinister at the time. It was inasive and very disturbing, almost like a psychic rape. The predominant feeling tone was quite dark and foreboding. I was experiencing a slight degree of stomach upset from the DMT, and vomited near the hour point.


There is a sinister backdrop, an alien-type, insectoid, not-quite-pleasant
side of this, isn't there? Its not a "We're- going-to get-you-motherfucker."
It's more like being possessed. During the experience there is sense of someone,
or something else, there taking control. It's like you have to defend
yourself against them, whoever they are, but they certainly are there. I'm
aware of them and they're aware of me. It's like they have an agenda. It's
like walking into a different neighborhood. You're really not quite sure
what the culture is. It's got such a distinct flavour, the reptilian being or
beings that are present.
"How about the scary element?" I asked. "What's the worst they could
do if they are unleashed with access to you?"
That's what it's about. It's the sense of the possibility that's so strange.


It's not like LSD. Things really closed in around me, in comparison to
the spaciousness that I feel with LSD. There was no feeling of space. Everything
was in close. I've never seen anything like that. They were interested
in emotion. As I was holding on to my last thought, that God equals love,
they said, "Even here? Even here?" I said, "Yes, of course." They were still
there but I was making love to them at the same time. They feasted as they
made love to me. I don't know if they were male or female or something
else, but it was extremely alien, though not necessarily unpleasant. The
thought came to me with certainty that they were manipulating my DNA,
changing its structure.


My second trip was a little more scary...Funny little salimanders trying to bite me.

The horror started when these shadow-like beings approached me....they seemed to be upset that I could see them. I felt this strange deep depression any time one of these beings approached me. They had these sinister red eyes and I knew they hated me bieng there.

A weird experience was when I spoke, I could actually see my words--roman script visually coming out of my mouth was a trip!

But when these Gnome things spoke, it looked like those Enochian characters on some of those occult sites....


These first journeys were brief and hard to integrate. The rapidity of the visions was such that only the general tenor of the content was discernable. It seemed to have a sinister tone, consisting of images such as playing cards flashing by, skulls, military hardware, screws. At one point a vicious gun turret on the back of a plane with jutting machine barrels.

This is just a few of the reports I have found, theres a shit load more on the net. The truth is DMT doesn't take you to holy, spiritual, peaceful places. In all my experiances I have never seen a buddha being or anything like that. I have seen once an enlightened looking being but when I focused ( I meditate alot) I noticed it was a scrim or a screen projecting this benevolent image. It kinda fractured and I saw a scowling looking banshee like being behind it.

To tell you the truth DMT has not done one positive thing, it clouds you and somehow tries to disconnect you from the source or from the good replacing it with lust and bad perverted thoughts ( I would feel an extreme amount of lust and a strange heavy feeling around my back and chest after DMT use and it lingers constantly like some kind of vampiric being latched there).

Oh yeah there was this guy, Kevin Furnas over at the Ayahuasca forums who commited suicide after using Aya many times. He stated that the beings wanted him to join them over on the other side and he beleived them. See? This shit is so fuckin deceptive and evil. This guy was you know, one of those love and light and Aya is so holy type dudes. You really gotta see beyond all that bullshit to realize whats really going on and that this shit DMT/Aya has it's own sinister agenda.

Oh yeah and also with Aya and even sometimes with DMT people encounter snake like beings and think there good and holy. Most people in real life are wary of snakes cause they feel there dangerous but when they encounter them in these realms they think "oh it's a holy being" its nice! Fuckn weird. It's a snake dammit, you'd run from it on this plane but over there you think it's ok??

DMT I feel most often takes you to the evil, twisted, cruel realms which are somehow voodoo/ alien demon related. There somehow deceptive and can make you feel bliss/love but it's not true, behind this theres some sinister evil stuff going on thats for sure. It's like, well this might sound a bit dogmatic or religious, but it's like your entering Satan's palace and it has many gradients of evil and dark shit and it's a) based on tricks/ illusion and magic b) wonderous c) deceptive d) somehow linked with dark forces or voodoo or SOMETHING really bad.

They say that demons are masters of deception and can shapeshift and I feel that is somehow what is going on when you interact with these beings. They also say that they are angels of light but I feel that they play you like a puppet on a string and you are overawed and think it was amazing and full of love.

Some people think that DMT is all in the mind blah blah blah. Bullshit, why is it that in the Amazon they have Brujos or Dark Sorceres that can kill and injure people while on DMT. They have evil spells and other dark shit and can send out magical darts and other bad Voodoo shit.

This had to be said, the DMT realms are a lie and a trick. It's not the truth and they aren't good for you one bit. I'm going to be following up this post with more proof that DMT is not what it appears.

Peace Out..
sorry for your loss. all i can tell you is that dmt is not for everyone. and while I don't agree with your xenophobic rant against voodoo, I can understand why you feel so frightened by the molecule... it can be scary and feel evil, most would disagree that this is all it offers. and just because you didn't enjoy it doesn't make it right to to chastice it as objectively evil. you should just accept that its not for you (probably will never be) and try to move forward. its that simple. you're definately entitled to your opinion on spice but i'm telling you, you wont change anyone's mind here.
LemonScented said:
sorry for your loss. all i can tell you is that dmt is not for everyone. and while I don't agree with your xenophobic rant against voodoo, I can understand why you feel so frightened by the molecule... it can be scary and feel evil, most would disagree that this is all it offers. and just because you didn't enjoy it doesn't make it right to to chastice it as objectively evil. you should just accept that its not for you (probably will never be) and try to move forward. its that simple. you're definately entitled to your opinion on spice but i'm telling you, you wont change anyone's mind here.

yea its only for us lucky ones haha
yea dude you just need to trip out more & learn to chill..
it is all YOU.

Ive had many wonderful dmt trips. one kinda bad trip but it was cool. and three break throughs. all were very posotive and magical.. enlightening.

respect the spice.
Smokeydaze ahh... I'm afraid theres a BIG difference between good and bad and if you think theres no difference your seriously deluded, no offence. This whole thing of 'it's all one dude, there is no evil' or 'evil is just the disconnection from the source' is so naive.

Heard about that story about that sick fuck from Austria who locked his daughter in a bunker for twenty odd years and raped her every night and then went upstairs to sleep in his own bed knowing full well his daughter is suffering a living hell? Yeah, try telling her 'there's no evil, good and bad theres really no differnce'. Evil and Good are distinctly different from each other like black and white.

Alot of these intelligences you encounter I feel are far more intelligent than you or I, they probably have a vaster knowledge about the universe then you or I yet they ARE manevolent not because they are disconnected or what not they just are.

It's not me, me and only me. Talk to any shaman and he will tell you these beings are NOT from you at all, correction, some of them are but most of them are definetly not. Have a read of Pablo Amaringo's books, a real shaman by the way who decided to quit all Ayahuasca 'medicine' when his 'spirit helper' turned on him one night.

Ok Lemonscented, a little questionare for you. Please tell me what you have gained from smoking DMT? How has it benifited you on any level spiritually, health wise or in daily life? You do realize that even shamans who are trained from a young age don't even smoke this stuff and that there ARE real dangers with it? And ummm.. yeah I am entitled to my opinion and how do you know it won't change anyones mind here?

Maybe there are people that want an honest opinion that tells them what they could be in for.

I've smoked it many times and the conclusion I've had to deal with is that this stuff can do much more harm spiritually/energetically to a person than any supposed good. Don't worry I'll be posting more proof soon. :)
keep tripping your bound to hit gold sometime..

that sucks for u guys.. theres always a dark side to every good side.
thats just how tripping is.. sometimes its hell sometimes its heaven ... thats why their not for everyone.
Ok Lemonscented, a little questionare for you. Please tell me what you have gained from smoking DMT? How has it benifited you on any level spiritually, health wise or in daily life? You do realize that even shamans who are trained from a young age don't even smoke this stuff and that there ARE real dangers with it? And ummm.. yeah I am entitled to my opinion and how do you know it won't change anyones mind here?

I guess it could but I highly doubt it. Your fire and brimstone attitude towards dmt makes you come off extremely biased and honestly, very angry. It doesn't lend itself to respect at all. besides, most of the people here feel strongly about personal freedom. they will do what they find appropriate. if this is your audience, why try? I don't come here to find someone who will save my soul.

These personal questions you ask are none of your business. that said, I've never ascribed to shamanism. I don't share "their view" that it is as dangerous as you let on, scientific studies of dmt don't either.

I also fail to see how snorting yopo, virola or taking maoi-laced ayahausca brews that last hours is any safer than smoking dmt. if anything all of these more traditional practices have much higher potential for danger.
there are no physical dangers from smoking reasonable doses of DMT. the fear is a result of your own belief that this state can harm you.

I also fail to see how snorting yopo, virola or taking MAOI-laced ayahausca brews that last hours is any safer than smoking dmt. if anything all of these more traditional practices have much higher potential for danger.

i agree. and these are also rather safe.
Can see what your saying litrium, but at the same time I cant see past the positive experiences maybe thats me, and it isnt for everyone but it proved to me that im an immortal soul and there are loads of things out there that truly love me, beyond any love ive ever felt. That said I do often wonder there kidding me on but its hard to think its all evil pretending to be good. I have had an experience where I met these gorgeous pixie things, I posted it here, and I ended up at some space station with different things other than the pixies and they were scanning me with lasers and doing things to my brain, and body one was a tall furry alien cow thing I dont know how else to describe it and another thing seemed to be an inscectoid type thing gnawing at my body continously, it was as if, id hear people saying a beinggasm, it was like that it felt I was ejaculating throughout all my body, but when Id get wary I felt the prescence of the pixies reassuring me with there love, so I let it continue, but then I did eventually seem to pull away from it.

At the time I thought they had implanted me or something, but it all felt great, then I posted it here and started getting paranoid. Afterwards though a friend said, maybe these things know what healing needs done so just do it without asking, im not sure though :?

I do think it definately has its dangers, but for me, other than that experience, which at the time was positive, ive only had one bad experience, ever other one has been amazing ! And I do try and tell everyone I know and promote it as the best thing ever, just cant help it cos I think it is, tho I do have my fears :?
litrium i hate to bring this into this but what are your religious views, like what religion do u practice etc. U sound like certain preachers that denounce everything sacred to others as something evil. y do u think snakes are evil may i ask. Good an evil is perception, we may never know the truth but life has taught me that our perceptions affect reality. thats y life is sooo infinite and amazing cuz 10,000,000 peaple can see the same thing and they perceive it different and aint one of em really wrong. and i kno that these visions u speak of to alot of people are the most beautiful, profound, and spiritual experiences any of them have ever experienced and man that aint wrong...no fuckin way! have u ever smoked it yourself? u sound like some1 who has never experienced it.
Meant to say in my previous post about possible counter measures you could take to stop you meeting negative entities. I recently read a book called practical psychic self defence, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Practical-P...=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1213370465&sr=1-5

Lots of good techniques in that to stop negative influences getting a hold over you, though wether it would work in the dmt realms I dont know. Also snakes and spiders were always negative in this book, he would see spiders and snakes being the most common negative entities trying to attatch and influence people, usually black ones.
Ah litrium, you are back. I remember your posts from months ago. There was a great debate started by you over the evilness of the spice.

You never did trust the spice. Why are you still smoking it?

It doesn't appear to be your bag man...you believe that it is evil...so stop smoking it!

Many of us have found wonderful insight, not manipulated DNA, spirit possession, or evil monsters living under our beds.

Many people believe that spice just unlocks our subconcious and pre-subconcious minds...ponder on that for a bit.
i think it is important to discuss the potential psychological dangers that could arise from DMT usage and in that regard this conversation is useful.

but let me make another point. some of us are talking like these entities or beings are actually real (whether in this reality or some other dimensions). this belief that seems to be quite a common belief among users of DMT aya or whatever could be seen by an outside observer whether experienced or not in DMT usage as an indication of potential psychological problems. we look at schizophrenics who see and hear voices beings etc as madmen. but we are sitting around talking about machines elves gods and devils that we see when taking a drug that severly alters the way our brain normally functions and accepting that they are totally real just because we experience some "felt" or in many cases "seen" presence.

if you really believe some devil being is haunting you from smoking DMT maybe its time to stop smoking DMT. i also feel this goes the other way around with believing in god holy beings (as far as truth goes not stopping usage i mean). although i think that may stir up some debate, i think its an important point. is DMT tricking people into believing in faries or alter dimensional beings? is that a manevolent thing? i dont think seeing or experiencing this kind of state is harmful at all but when you really start to believe what you see is true you should start to ask yourself some questions. SWIM has had some profound experience both with psilocin, lsd, ketamine, and dmt all of which were able to induce the experience of feeling and seeing and communicating with other beings but SWIM has also been cautious to always question what the source of that experience was and the reality of what happens in these states.
i believe the dmt experience is different for each individual, as has been said many times before in this thread.
litrium's view of the dmt state being evil is just as true as others views that the dmt state is positive and good. it is a highly personal experience and everyone has his own biases. i believe it's important to discuss a potential dark side of dmt too. it seems to me like the overall negative reaction to litrium's comments is due to people not wanting to confront the negative aspects of this substance.

we have to distinguish though:
1) if you believe that these dmt-state beings are real in a kind of alternate reality then it is very important to research potential negative sides of them. assuming they are real it could be that litrium has experienced their true character and everyone else is seeing them with rose tinted glasses. another option is that the universe of dmt entities is large and that litrium unfortunately ended up in a part of this universe that is more scary and dark. either way it's good to know about it.

2) if you belive that the dmt entities are pure fabrications of the mind (i tend to that belief) then it's also good to know that this substance doesn't necessarily always show happy parts of your imagination. i have heard of other people who have had a lasting negative impact from their use of dmt. but i have heard of more people having lasting positive effects.

for me dmt has always been a friendly substance. but it feels so powerful, like i'm dabbling with something that i don't truly understand. and because of this i think it's extremely important to discuss negative aspects, because of the sheer power of this substance.

(sorry i'm not really making any points that haven't been made before. oh well)
litrium have you tried smoking dmt after smoking or consuming maois? i've never been frightened by dmt after smoking a maoi. it seems much friendlier and more connected to earth.
I don't think most people do run from snakes do they? in enviroments where potentially dangerous snakes crop up I think people have more of a healthy respect and waryness of them rather than a fear. I don't think 'bashing day' is a universal cultural phenomenon. Seems odd to link- albeit in a roundabout way- reptiles and a monster like Frietzel.
DMT is common throughout nature, does that mean nature is evil? It occurs in our brains, does that mean we are evil? and what of the other psychedelics? the major players all have similar modes of action to DMT, what is your opinion as to the 'evil' or not of those substances? Not trying to be difficult, I enjoy your posts Litrium and am interested in what you have to say.
Litrium - Chill out man. We all have our own experiences, and are entitled to make what we will of them, and make our own decision based on them. I believe this site and forum is about sharing these things in non-judgmental, open minded ways. I don't believe anyone comes to this site to be preached to.

I appreciate you sharing your experiences, but not your evangelical villification of something that happens to disagree with YOUR palette. I have yet to find a post anywhere on this site that states that "we must all smoke DMT for the sake of righteousness". So, why do you feel the need to state the contrary? Your tiresome rants actually discredit any point you may be attempting to make.

All the best and happier travels,

I've just read Litriums ten last posts. If there is one thing that can be said about you Litrium, it's, "You're consistant". I think I kinda know what you mean as well. I don't think DMT is evil by any means but it does get wrapped around in a load of old hippy spiritual bollocks. I think in reality, its perfectly neutral, spiritually hollow and ultimatley quite shallow.

I think. Litrium, you have to examin your motives for using the spice.
Smokeydaze in the DMT realm nothing is determined by you. You are taken and ripped from the confines of your body with no control whatsoever and this drug takes you wherever it wants to so no, a bad experiance is definetly not determined by 'me'.

And "a good and bad experience are no different because thats all they are - experiences" makes no sense at all. Obviously they are experiances but saying a good one is no different to a bad one, huh?

Oh you feel more alive? True true, during the afterglow you may feel pretty good but then when that wears off thats when you feel depleted in more ways than one. It has an insidious nature that is hard to detect but it's there alright. What, you think this is a drug that gives you a free lunch, all these visions and sensations for nothing? There aren't any drugs like that my friend and DMT is no different but the downside manifests in different ways.

You say DMT is not life but truth be told you or I fully don't know what DMT does or where it takes you and for all intents and purposes when your on the otherside not only does it feel like life, it looks and feels REALER than life.

You say I have been overpowered by the experiance, truth be told if you haven't been overpowered than you haven't smoked it for to smoke it IS to be overpowered.

smokey daze said:

"Think about the context of these shamans, where did they start? from a bunch aztecs in a jungle who thought the sun was a mystical god."

Yep and it eventually led them to sacrifice people, hmmm wonder why?

Lemonscented sorry if I came of angry, wasn't my intention, just wanted to share what I see in this substance. I realize that people will do what they want but these are my views on this substance and if I feel there are dangers why isn't that worth sharing too? Hey smoke it all you want my friend, just don't say I told you so when it's time to
really crossover for good.

So you smoke DMT yet you don't try to garner knowledge from people that may have far vaster knowledge on the substance than you? Bit risky IMHO. You don't share there view that it is dangerous hey? Look up Brujeria, thats just the tip of the iceberg. Or even check out that book by Pablo Amaringo were he draws all those colorful pics of his experiances and read the descriptions.

Yopo is not extracted pure DMT. It's a milder form but I wouldn't say it also has no dangers.

Infinite I, atleast you can still think rationally and look at both sides of the coin. :D Just listen to what you told me.. "insectoid gnawing at my body". Bang straight away that is fucked up, how can that be in anyway good, listen, an insect is eating at you while some other beings are reasurring you , doesnt that creep you the fuck out?

I'm telling you man, this shit is insidious with a capital I. Maybe not the first or second or even third voyage but eventually you'll encounter a force or forces you wish you didn't. Thanks for the link btw, I'll check it.

Extrememetal43 I'm not religious in the bit. Why does sharing my negative experiance with DMT and warning people about it make me religious? Hey I never said snakes are evil if you look at my original posts I said people are 'wary' of snakes.

All I'm saying is that there are dangers with this stuff, I feel different after smoking DMT numerous times, not more spiritual, happier or anything like that. Actually quite the opposite some kind of disconnection from the good or from the source. Smoke it enough and you'll see, it's not pleasent.

Acolon, oh I haven't smoked it in ages trust me and I'm still feeling the effects from the times when I did smoke it, none of them good btw. Hey you haven't had a bad time with it yet? Ok keep smoking it, you'll see. Spirit possesion, DNA manipulation, theres many many reports like that , even Strassmans short study of DMT had reports like that and alot of my experiances collaborate those types of journeys. Ponder on this... you don't really know what it does.

diox8tony wrote:

"i don't believe that something can posses my mind/soul. so if something were to fly into my body,,,,it wouldn't result in a possession.(because i wouldn't view it as one)"

Weird view dude. So if a shark came to bite your arm off you wouldn't view it like that and that would make it all ok hey?

diox8tony wrote:

"i strongly believe that perception comes down to what you believe. and you obviously perceive these experiences as evil.you are the filter to your own mind, believe what you want/let in what you want."

Perception doesn't come down to what I beleive, I can beleive the sky is green but it's blue. I beleive that an insect chewing on you is bad, I think most people would wouldnt you?

Tomash I agree that that universe is large, very very large and it has all sorts of crazy shit going on in it. But why the a) operations? b) insectioids with suedo sexual acts? upon you? c) dismembermant? d) twisted harlequins? e) other very freaky shit?

This DMT has an agenda or more than likely it's like this, this stuff shoots you out to randomn places were the beings there have agendas. No haven't tried MAOIS and won't, I've hanged up my DMT boots a while back and now trying to come to grips with just how seriously I have fucked up my spiritual/energetic body. I still feel dog tired months and months after I quit and I never felt like that before DMT use.

Fourthripley agreed about the snakes. Healthy respect cause you know they can fucking bite your ass! :p Nature is not evil but theres bad poisonous shit in nature you want to avoid too. Yes it occurs in our brains ( apparently) but not in massive neuro flooding doses.

As for the other plants, yeah they also can take you to similiar places on occasions but with DMT it just does it harder and faster.

Here have a read of this, more proof that there ARE dangers to blasting into the unknown with DMT:

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