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Blood Moon SHE

۩ said:

Come on all of you hoarders!


:oops: Tough but necessary call-out :d I've never participated in a SHE...count me in :thumb_up: I've got work the next day though so I'll have to give the first two letters of ۩'s recommended dietary intake a miss.
What time of day does the eclipse start? I have to work for the first half of the day, but I will have most of the afternoon off. If the timing works out, I'm definitely in!! :)
I think it starts at 1:20 AM Eastern Time, around then. This is Lunar Eclipse, not solar. This is one of Four that begins April 15 and occurs every six months until four eclipses. It is a very event, evidently. Some Christians think it is a sign of the End Times (like everything else), so that should make this extra fun.
The Blood Moon . . .


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This is going to be the most epic synchronized hyperspace event of all time! Who cares about tolerance for bicycle day when you can just eat more acid?? 😁 I won't be near a computer for the event (I'm hiking ~10 miles up a mountain and will be sucking on CBD sublinguals to make it that far) but I will be near the golden cathedral of liquid light if you wish to sit in a folding wormhole and eat alien candy with me, and me, and me.

I know this goes without saying, but,
Any other time within a 1 day proximity of the eclipse is great too!
(Where we are going we don't need time)

I want people of the Nexus to imbibe synergistic combinations and get everyone that they can together and go somewhere absolutely perfect and celebrate that there is no better time than now to be submerged in this ridiculous mystery!
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