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Bufotenine IPA Extraction & Bufojam Changa Tek

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SODIUM CARBONATE...use it...no other base. This time, the whole thing dried to a BLOCK. He broke it up and it looked like a diamond mine!!! Now pulling with ipa...
Yep, smoking did not have a bufo effect at all. A small effect was noticed, bzut I guess this was due to the caapi. Did not feel like bufo at all! They were from maya, but also older than ~1 year.
thanks again to fractal enchantment, jorkest ,69ron any many others for the great info's about bufo. i'm trying around abit with this tek and i have some basic questions:

can i use ammonia instead of sodium carbonate for basing?

can i use ethanol instead of IPA?

after my first two tries, i did not smell ammonia after basing the seeds...maybe because i only waited about 10minutes, should i let the freebasing conversion more time, or is this just an indicator that the seeds are crap?

peace and love
oh and what's with defatting the seeds with naphta before toasting them? i think the traveler mentioned this in a thread...is this worth waisting naphta? i don't have xylene
well i suppose..im not entirely sure of the ammonia thing..sodium carb is pretty easy to procure...also...i think The Traveler used ethanol for his extraction..and i guess it worked out well

the reason for the IPA is because it SEEMS to be more selective of bufotenine
well, because the seeds did not smell like ammonia after basing, i was thinking that maybe the conversion of sodium carb was not done properly. but it should be cause it really burns when putting on the tongue, and the conversion was done for a min of 3hours at 250 celsius. That's why i was thinking of ammonia...
oh well...hmmm...im pretty sure it probably worked..id say try doing a few pulls on it
teotenakeltje said:
well, because the seeds did not smell like ammonia after basing, i was thinking that maybe the conversion of sodium carb was not done properly.

My biggest yield with these seeds didn't give an ammonia smell either. Actuall the only time I recall getting a strong ammonia smell is with some seeds that gave nothing but a nasty tar.

All I can usually smell is the toasting with maybe a tiny hint of an ammonia smell.
cool, good news soulfood :)

All I can usually smell is the toasting with maybe a tiny hint of an ammonia smell.

yeah the toasting is pretty dominant, i start to like that smell :)

my second batch wasn't a real success..i plan on soaking the freebased seeds 4 times in IPA (or ethanol) overnight like fractal posted somewhere and i'll give the freebase conversion some more time on my next try. Maybe i used too much herb to infuse on too...last night i spent a couple of hours smoking non stop with only minor effects (guesss it was the tiny bit of added dmt enhanced peppermint)..pretty rough on the longs!

but the whole thing is exiting..eventually it will work!8)
one key i have found with bufotenine is HOLDING the hits in for a long time....if its harsh..take very small hits..and hold them in as long as you can..at LEAST 20 seconds
SWIM just made a lime stone based old fashioned Vilca snuff, soaked in ethanol for a few days... strained it evaped it with caapi leaf... and then SWIM smoked it with changa... very clear... very good.
With out regular changa it was eh... ok... not the same as snuffing it... black and white visuals.
Jorkest said:
The peak effects lasted probably about 2-3 hours, maybe more.

I can not wait to try this...and if that statement is correct I will worship as a God...for a day or so! :)

Man if I can smoke a joint and have a psychedelic experience for 2 hours I will have found my holly grail without a doubt.

Thank you!
WOW. so i tried just the cebil extract alone first. felt very hypnotizing and different from any other tryptamine. felt good but no real messages and only mildly visual even tho i smoked like 400mg over a period of 40mins maybe. it was ultra relaxing.
so then i smoked 50/50 changa at that point, maybe 150mg or so. a good amount. it didnt give visuals either, but it was amping my moral compass up even more than regular changa. it was extremely therapeutic and i realized i should be trying much harder to offer people help in daily life. this was yesterday. now that i think of it, it seems almost ridiculous to follow that advice i got, like it is going overboard. but yet i also feel that i really should listen to it and the reason i am depressed is because i am resisting this advice from my higher self.
i think somehow the bufo reduced the psychedelic hyperspace pull of changa for me so that i could focus more on how it was affecting my moral compass. so i guess it has the opposite effect on me compared to the rest of you... i mean in terms of the visuals and hyperspace pull
So im in the step whre it's time to add the herb to make bufojam changa and what I have is 0.9g of brown goo in a shot glass, is this what im supposed to have? also would it be possible to use acetone to 'enchant' the herb or would I be better off sticking with IPA?
Well Iv'e added acetone to the shot glass containing the caramel coloured bufo and heated it in hot water which is what I do when enchanting some herb. Now what happened is the caramel goop turned white while the acetone absorbed the colour. Now, is it possible that bufo is in fact not soluble in acetone and the scoop of white flakes is the goodies? or should I decant and continue to add my herb into the caramel coloured acetone?
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