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Bufotenine IPA Extraction & Bufojam Changa Tek

Migrated topic.
By Bufo alone or in combo with regular Changa?

My dog has only once combo'd Bufo/Dimitri; it was low-dose oral Dimitri followed by low-dose smoked Bufo; but it was the most visually powerfull experience ever.

Good call on holding the hits as long as possible. It's not just oxygen deprivation :D.

Bufo is viciously loving...

"Kinda grabs you by the boo-boo don't it?"

Can't stress enought Lemon essential oil to avoid nausea and a vasodialating herb both pre-dose.

Combo of the two... It was an old batch swim found... Swim can't even recall the method of preparation...
Okay I've been putting this off for way too long now. Got a little discouraged when my first attempt at extracting using the "no smell" tek failed.

So I want to try again to make this bufojam changa but my seeds are probably about two years old now. They have been kept vacuum sealed in the dark since then.

Any Idea if there still good to use?
I did an extraction of 10 grams of cebil seeds, following this TEK. After evaping my IPA I was left with appr. a gram of a very dark brown/almost black tarlike goo, not unlike a very dark hash. I've included a photo but its not very clear.

I made a changa of 1:1:1 'bufo':fb harmalas:calea and smoked about 20 mg of that, resulting in a painful prickling/burning sensation in my fingertops, then a heavy pain in my leg muscles, followed by heavy nausea (no purging though) after which a kind of trance was felt. It was not very visual. After half an hour I went to lay down for an hour and a half because I became sleepy. It seems like something is going on.

My questions:
- is there a possibility that this tarlike substance of mine is actually bufotenin or have I screwed up, for instance my seeds may have been burned during toasting and the goo is just rubbish with maybe some traces of the good stuff.
- if there is actually bufotenin in here , is there a way to clean this stuff and how would I go about doing that?

much obliged, peace


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