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Caapi brew and smoked bufo

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Last night I had a little solo Aya ritual, started with a Caapi-only brew. (50g white vine reduced to 60ml)
I smoked about half a joint of bufo-enhanced leaf, to gently add some light to the experience.
I did not expect it, but I was transported out of my body to some other place...

Apart from the initial unpleasant body load, it was a lovely experience. I highly recommend it... it was like Aya was using the Bufo as her helper similar to how she uses DMT-containing plants.
man... I really have to get on this. This seems to be all the rage right now.

I've still never drank caapi but I'm loving my THH right now. I also need more cebil.
SWIM has got try this soon, early last year all he managed to extract was the perfect cure for NOT projectile vomiting.... :cry:

The TECs and cleaning up steps seems to have impoved a LOT since then & SWIM still has some seeds from the last attempts...

Time to get to work...
Hey balaganist can you go into more detail about where it is that you went? Or even describe it in the Mapping bufotenine space thread if you want...I am facinated with the places that bufotenine has taken me, and am VERY curious to hear about others experiences with it..especilly with caapi brews after I took it ceremony 2 nights ago..
Well .. there were two parts to it.

After the discomfort subsided, I got into a dream-like state, and it was like I was in another room, looking at some objects like on a table or something. I was kind of curiously checking out this thing that was like some sort of camera. I remember moving into one or two other similar 'rooms'.

The other part - was like I suddenly came out of the dreamlike state into being very concious and aware, but very much not in my body, in a kind of dark sphere with a light show in the middle. There were not any clear visions at the stage, just a definite feeling of being in another place.
I liked the way it still felt gentle... when I have had those kind of moments from a strong chacruna/chali brew, sometimes I get fearful that I might not return, like a spirit wants to take me to its world and there is a fear I might not find my way back. But with the Bufo there was a reassurance.

I wanted to dive deeper into these realms, but once I started drifting off I couldn't bring myself out enough to smoke more.. so the joint stayed in the ashtray beside me. It felt like I only caught a glimpse of what is possible with this combo...
Interesting..thanks for that..I cant wait to drink some more aya tonight with some bufo now...last time I only took a light dose of bufo butit was still really nice.
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