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Rising Star
A wizards spell may raise the veil,
on worlds enchanted, not for sale.
When life is hard and answers fail,
its time to raise that earthly veil.

To peek inside the magic realm,
where gods and elves are at the helm
You get there in just twenty seconds,
the pipe and magic contents beckon.

A deep inhale, a lungful held,
the rushing in, the plant mind meld.
And then you're there enjoy the light,
Your dining with the gods tonight.

The wizard smiles and looks away,
he's there in case you lose your way,
or maybe just to reassure,
Its a place of love to fear no more.

Your journey done what will you do,
with the message that was made for you?
Will you fill your life with light?
The wizard fades into the night.

Behind the mask and magic potion,
lies a work of true devotion.
A journey to the spirit world,
a vision into which is hurled.

Magnets, charge from untold sources,
making sense of natures forces.
The ancient brew without its flaw,
to ease you through the magic door.

The work to do does not end there,
for people needing everywhere.
To see the magic if they dare,
to do this right he has to care.

Will wizard try the wizard spell?
Thats a question time will tell.
He staked it all on just one notion,
the message of his magic potion.

For is it right to see the light,
Before the sacred time is right.
He feels it is but cant be sure,
He waits outside the greatest door.

And when you leave him standing there,
Please spare a thought for his despair,
For behind the smile and wizards coat,
Theres a short sad tale that must be wrote.

For when she hid his girl away,
to raise away from wizard ways.
It left a void that nothing filled,
He cant believe she meant no ill.

And now he has to find a way,
To counter what her mum will say.
He'll do his best to win the fight,
To give his girl her basic right

I'm wizard blood I cannot change,
I'm not for you to rearrange.
For if the world gets turned to dust,
we fail a childs most basic trust.

For a greater good, I do as I must!
Well done :thumb_up:

The end does not fit well though. You have a very intellectual vocabulary at the beginning but then you end up with mum?

Good work though. Was a good read! :d
Ulim said:
Well done :thumb_up:

Thank you, my first attempt and i will write more

Ulim said:
The end does not fit well though. You have a very intellectual vocabulary at the beginning but then you end up with mum?

To those who dont know its a work of fiction, to those who do it describes a life. Im sure for many of us there is an intellectual start followed by consequences down the line.

A little girl may one day read this as she seeks to find out why her daddy was excluded from her life.
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