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D-Limo + Fumaric + Chacruna, Fine but Fumarate>Freebase not working

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Hi guys, I really needs some help with this, SWIM followed Jorkests tek with Chacruna and everything seemed to go fine up until step 13... used 50g got 210mg of tan fumarate crystal, I think more pulls are possible...but it really went wrong at the freebase stage... evaporated the acetone to find just 10mg of freebase??? and there is still over half a gram of white freebase left behind. SWIM did dry using an oven at just 50c, turning off frequently.. the only things I can imagine is that the acetone somehow didnt grab enough freebase, under what situations would that occur? any help will be appreciated... will try again and post pictures next time, SWIM just needs to know what to attempt... I thought it was done perfectly... and the fumarate looked amazing!
SWIY dried freebase in the oven!? :shock:

Though the acetone may not have grabbed all the freebase, SWIM would imagine most of it vaporized. 50C is quite high for freebase. Air drying and fan-drying are the most common ways to evap acetone for freebase.
of course, you're right... that attention to detail thing.... will do it again and post pics! thanks amor and Jorkest.
same thing happend to swim - swim thinks it is because of n-oxide
swim read chali has most of its spice in n-oxide form
freebase n-oxide is insoluble in acetone it seems so the current sodium carbnonate paste tek wont work if ur pulling with acetone -

swim thinks the solution is to disolve the fumarates in a tiny bit of water - then add ammonia then evap

alternatively one could use zink to convert the n-oxide back to spice under an acidic environment.

for chali defats do help - swim did 3 then did xylene/fasa and his is pure white.
ah, that's interesting, SWIM thought it was odd that it would vaporize at that temperature, it was seriously low, I mean SWIM thought the glass wasn't even hot to touch... then again, SWIM has watched spice melt on a hot day.

SWIM has started already, will definitely try both air evap and water+ammonia...SWIM may try zinc later but he doesn't have any right now. I can tell you the fumarate looked pretty white, only a little off, it was easily as white as anything pulled before using other techniques... maybe it should stick to mhrb for fb and chacruna for fumarate, but the yield was great with the virid so it's worth an experiment... plus that 50g SWIM used was over a year old.

Thanks Phlux.
This is very interested as I am currently in the middle of pulling spice out of Chacruna with this tek...

Phlux - do you think there is another solvent that could be used instead of acetone to make sure the n-oxide gets pulled out of the sodium carbonate paste? IPA?
Also, would you be able to elaborate at all on the zinc or ammonia, in terms of amounts / ph needed?

It would be good to document this stuff so that people in future may be able to use Chacruna and other DMT containing leaves to make freebase dmt. I will be sure to report my progress once I get to the fumerate stage. Thanks peeps.
SWIM found some pics of chacruna fumarate 280mg from a 2nd go, 210mg on the 1st.



swims chacruna yeilded pure white fumarates too - on freebasing - on his acetone pulls - he could clearly see sparkly freebase being left behind.
for some reason swim doesnt like ammonia - any other gas bases that can be used ?
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