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Hey all! SWIM has been doing a lot of extractions lately using Nomans Tek. If SWYIY hasn't tried it, SWIY has to. It works wonders. Before SWIM began using Nomans Tek, they used the Lazy Mans Tek. (Also works great, but is a pain to do.) After doing a few pulls on the Lazy Man batch, they transferred all the liquids and solids into a few mason jars. The jars were put in a closet and forgotten about for a few months. A few days ago, SWIM found them and did a set of pulls on them. SWIM freeze precipitated out quite a bit of spice. Unfortunately, because the jars had been sitting so long, there were a lot of plant fats as well. The naptha was decanted off and the jar turned upside down on a paper towel to allow any excess liquids to drain off. Then, as the jar warmed up to room temperature, everything melted and ran down onto the paper towel. Now, SWIM knows there is a lot of spice on the paper towel and can get it back into some naptha. SWIM needs to know if there is some way to get rid of all the nasty yellow stuff before freeze precipitating. Help is appreciated.
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