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Describe your hyperslaps

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SWIM read the wiki at Hyperspace lexicon - DMT-Nexus Wiki but the definition for "hyperslap" was very vague. SWIM doesn't think SWIM has ever been hyperslapped. It's already been a few months since SWIM has vaped a breakthrough DMT dose, but SWIM is microdosing now, because SWIM doesn't want to get hyperslapped. What does a hyperslap look like, sound like, and feel like to you?
I think it differs so much that a definition can't be else than vague.
You could see it as a 'soul accident' :lol:

The scars are deep and will never disappear fully might be an indicator for the category.
As you might have read: it's not necessarily a bad thing, as a 'slap' might be a wake up slap, or a slap against unconsciousness, or slapping the 'old stage' to get evolution going, yet it is a slap and it hurts, and that can reach up to truly torment levels.
Most people report not to regret the event according to gaining net positive results, but the means are not exactly nice. The prize to pay for a taking a shortcut?

Keep your fear for hyperslap grounded please, it might feed it. Like being afraid to ride a car in fear for an accident might cause overly stress, when it's better to ride more relaxed. Life is not without risks, and people get out of hyperslaps physically unhurt.

I've noticed people in search for a non-hurt life, avoiding carefully every risk, and notice they get hurt eventually as part of life, no escaping. Paying a shortcut prize might, in cases, be less 'expensive' after all. But I'll not seek for it. The rabbit leaves his hole from time to time, or is afraid to come out and dies in the hole underfed. As I see it.
A DMT hyperslap is relatively mild compared to that of Ayahuasca hyperslap.

It can feel like dying. Ripped apart. Put back together. Then ripped apart again. It can lead the mind into an endless loop of pain. It can feel like eternity. You want so much to be back into your body.

What is it? Could represent many things? For me I think you relive your pain in life. Your pain is presented to you on a platter. Prepared just for you. The pain is presented as a lesson. Do you see the pain you have within yourself? Can you see it for what it's worth? Is this pain something you wish to cling to? If you do not deal with negativities in your life with a sober mind, then you will deal with them in hyperspace.

One thing I have learned with a hyperslap is that there is a way out of hell. You are creating all of it. With a single thought you can bring yourself out. Is the mind controlling you or are you controlling your mind? Better yet, release the need to control anything and accept it all as it is.

It can be a wake up call. Just don't hit the snooze button. Head straight for your fears if you receive a hyperslap. Easier said than done. It is so easy to get caught in the pain. So easy to see it as real and play it out. If you can recognize what is happening you can do something about it. Illusions of the mind. Can you see the illusions for what they are or do you buy into the illusions?

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