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DMT Chronicles

Migrated topic.
Sounds amazing. I was a bit worried at the point where he started to live with that elve, but it turned out rather nicely for him I'd suppose. Sure, a psychiatrist would call him schizophrenic and every ordinary guy would say that he's completely nuts. But he's obviously found what he was looking for and seems to be extremely happy...so what?
Well yeah I'd love to achieve the complete nirvana he speaks of but the whole elf voice in his head and shit kinda throws me off.
Because we associate it with schizophrenia. But if he'S happy with that elve? But it worries me that this elfe entered his soul as he was experiencing lots of stress and "mental illness" so it really might have been some kind of a slow developing psychosis....at the other hand side, I can accept the possibility that he reall found this little friend from the dmt world and brought him with him.
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