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DMT dream experience

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I had the craziest dream last night. I smoked dmt and had a breakthrough in my dream, it was so odd and it was really odd leading up to that too. it was more like an aya experience than a smoked one though.

It all started when we drove up to my friends house to smoke and the police were outside for some reason I can't remember but they were making sure something was ok. They were cool, not negative. Anyway I said to them they could leave now because I was there and I would make sure everything was ok. They said they would but the rear tyres on my car were illegal so I needed to get that fixed first and I looked and they were totally flat.

I went to get that fixed and somehow I ended up getting out of the car to look for a petrol station where I could put air in and ended up falling off a huge drop but landed fine in the stairway to a bar that my friends were in.

So odd this dream.

My friends came to get in the car and we got the air in the tyres and went back to where we were going to smoke the spice with some girls we are friends with, they were taking aya not smoking. The police were fine now and left and thanked me for looking after things.

We went up this spiral staricase to an apartment where the girls were waiting.They had already drunk some aya so I smoked some spice sat on the floor with everyone. This spice started to come on slowly like I had drunk aya, not like the smoked flash. I complained that it wasn't very strong. My friend had some rue powder, he told me I needed to eat some of that, so I ate that and it started to get really strong.

The girls wanted to go out and experience the night air and the night sky, so we went out of the flat and started going down the spiral stairs.

Then it got really strong, there were people sat on the stairs and as we walked past everything went smooth, stopped walking and just moved and we turned into gods. All of us were just flowing down these neverending stairs as gods, moving by will alone but then it turned into like a mental thought loop and i got scared so I looked up and as I looked up I wasn't anything anymore I was just consciousness in space, not human not god. Pure thought enveloping space outside of time and physicality. When I looked back down I was back floating down the staircase, back in the eternal loop. I could repeat this eternally, flitting between the eternal staircase and being a singularity. This seemed to be eternal

At one point it stopped and we hit a landing and I was totally normal again, we met some friends on the gap in the stairs by a door and had a chat and then started back down the eternal stairs again in god mode. Around there I woke up.

This dream feels really important and like I need to integrate it. The car I am good with, my car is infact illegal at present, it has a few things that need fixing and I haven't got round to it.

I feel like the stairs is telling me 'to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result is madness' you have so much power and ability to change things and do better if you only change your perspective.
Awesome report.

Alot of what you wrote in this report I recognize, and while I haven't had your exact dream, there's quite a few similarities.

Many here have taken substances in their dreams. I've taken a couple substances, only to wake up in bed and still be under the effects of the drug for a good 10-15 seconds, before it fades into waking life as I lay there, residual tastes/effects/etc linger. This has happened soo many times.

I've done dmt a few times in my dream - a few were when I would be sitting around with friends, the others were totally on my own accord without smoking or doing anything within the dream (they somewhat happened spontaneously).

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this. :)
really cool dream studio, I've had several dreams in which I've used DMT, I've also had a few dreams where what I end up breaking into some alternate reality, or window into a space very similar to the DMT breakthrough. Some of the dreams have seemed to have been continuations of similar dreams that had occurred prior, I think there is something to them there seems to be something to be achieved in these dreams, at the least something to try and integrate and learn from.
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