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early experience

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Recently SWIM followed Norman's tek and successfully extracted a small amount of spice from mimosa bark. Although the first attempt at launch proved unsuccessful, he was determined to not let that hold him back. SWIM believed he might have accidently let the melted spice drip down into the his smoking device, which prevented him from getting a good full hit of the substance. A few days later SWIM tried once again, but this time he melted the spice onto a bed of ash, instead of using herbs. After inhaling the smoke, upon exhalation SWIM felt something sort of wash over him. It felt almost calmly energetic (if that makes any sense) and he could feel a sort of vibration throughout his body. It seemed like he could sense the vibrations throughout the room as well, although visually this was very subtle. He kept trying to search deeper and deeper but he found that when he was just aware of what was happening, this was when it felt the most profound. It was almost like his active mind was taking away from the expierence. As he continued to try and just let go & fully be in the moment he had a vision. Above his head on the left hand side of his body he had a sort of transparent figure looking over him, although it was not totally transparent because he could see a emerald green color sort of glowing around the outline of it. As he focused on the figure he felt like he had maybe seen it once before. Then it came to him, he had seen the figure before on buddhist wall hangings. After a lil research he found out that it was Amitabha Buddha. Having no prior buddhism background, this was very hard for SWIM to accept. Actuatly SWIM has a constantly growing relationship with God and has always believed in the teachings of Jesus Christ. So you can imagine the impact this has had on him. Any thoughts. Not really looking for any answers. My hopes were just that some might find this interesting. Thank you for your time. And have a wonderful day.
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Alright then, sounds like you're a 'natural' .! And so the third time oughta be the one that 'works' !... you're there ! sink into the buzzing, warm wet blankets of your soul - it's all electric love in there, nothing to worry about .. it borned you, so it's going to love you ! I'd take another bigger, hotter (get it flaming -then extinguish), slower-drawn hit, turn the lights out - keep eyes closed... unclench all ...

And Jesus is Buddah ! ... Also - I'm Jesus and Buddah ! ... Who isn't ..!? And let's not be sexist - Gaia made both Buddah and Jesus, you and me, so she came first, then 'maleness' - and the creative orgy began !

So keep going there, Gots-da-groove ! Dmt can be a multi-levelled 'conversion' experience - but it depends on who you are (as well as dose, set-&-setting etc..). For me was an instant conversion to all the Universal Principles ... and I had only heard of these things before from Buddah, ancient Hindu models of the psyche, Jesus .. and Shamaism.

Indra's Net ! I had that 'revelation' in a dmt experience before I had ever heard of it !
thanks el ka bong.
hah I dont know how much of a natural I am.
I get such a anxious feelings before I smoke. I find the spice super intimidating. But I try not to let that hold me back. I guess next time I am just going to have to jump off the diving board head first. Wish me luck!
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