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Enigmatic thread

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Master of plants

Master of plants
Not just I am the big fan of the ,New Age project´ but their music definitely sounds like DMT experience, and in clip Sadeness, pt.1, there is ,DMT´ twinkling, too! :)

Let´s have a closer look at two of their clips:

Sadeness pt. 1
A guy is writing something with pen feather. He falls asleep and dreaming about ruins of romanese monastery. Suddenly he wakes up.
Wow, what a dream! Definitely invoked by endogenous DMT. :)

The Alchemist
Symbol of Enigma, an astrolabe, is falling from Universe down to Earth. A guy is chasing him, using pixilation, casting spell around the sign with use of alchemical elements (water, fire - check synchronization of image and sound! - earth and air) and with help of invoked spell he´s leaving his mother Earth.
What a lucky man!
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