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First two tries, first two breakthroughs?

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Hello dear co-travelers,

I would love to hear your opinions on breakthroughs and the following first report, since I`m sure that there are some quiet experienced hyperspace-travelers out there. Since this is my first post on the Nexus it´s my first report/ introduction as well. As you might notice I`m not a native English speaker, so please excuse some occurring (noob) mistakes as well as my possibly bad grammar.

Until now SWIM only had two real experiences with the spice in the last couple of weeks, so it is still difficult evaluate what he saw. SWIM used spice he extracted on his own, using Cyb's Hybrid ATB 'Salt' Tek and furthermore purified it (the extra mile). For vaporizing the spice he used a GVG with a torch lighter, the milligram-scale on the other side is a rather bad product, since the reading isn’t very accurate.
Now SWIM asks himself if he really had breakthrough experiences on the first two occasions he tried to get into hyperspace. He has read and watched quite a bit of reports from other people on YT, the Nexus and in the book “The Spirit Molecule”, but experiencing it first hand is so much different than expected. So this is what happened:

After a while of breathing and calming down the pre-flight anxiety, he completely exhaled and took a huge hit of the already heated GVG loaded with approximately 30 mg, filling his complete lungs with heavy white vapor. Immediately after that, he started the timer of his phone. After 5-10 seconds holding the breath visuals where kicking in and at 13 seconds in, he had to breathe out and really breathed his soul/ spirit out. At 15 seconds in he wasn’t in this reality anymore. It was like the whole reality outside and inside his head was breaking into tiny polygon pieces and falling down like a broken mirror or confetti, hitting the bottom of his inner skull. Probably only seconds (or fractions of a second?) later there was no more control over the body, so it also was completely impossible taking another hit like most people recommend.

What makes me wondering at this point is, that after coming back there was no memory of the expected tunnel, or at least it felt completely different than assumed. Also no carrier wave sound, but more of a sense of crumbling paper I think.

Anyway, it was like zooming or stepping out of a filming location and realizing all the lighting equipment and the cameras as well as all the film crew and catering, helping to make the big blockbuster production called “Life”.
Another comparison would be, when you are dreaming and experiencing crazy stuff that makes totally sense until the moment you wake up. Then you suddenly feel stupid because you’ve been convinced the dream was real. But after entering this other dimension it felt exactly the same, thinking about life. It was very familiar, really like being at home with your family. He had been there so many times before and just like moving out from your parent’s house for studying, he left this place for studying life as a human.

There were no entities visible but there was an intelligence watching SWIM what he discovered and giving him a sensation of safety and that everything is and will be ok. The whole concept of time, as a human perceives this construct, was very strange. It rather was an understanding of a non-linear nature of time, which is impossible to describe (a little bit like in the 2016 Movie “Arrival”).

In the meantime SWIM was either watching or possibly even manipulating and playing with something like the impossible cube (by M.C. Escher), which was made of a bright, glowing orange energy/ light. Of course to be even more confusing, this thing was starting to rapidly change its shape. So maybe, if there were entities around they intentionally stayed in the background so SWIM doesn’t get a complete system overload :lol:

After a while (and possibly experiencing other things which weren’t allowed to take back) there was a gentle getting back into the body and getting senses back. In this period of time it was a state between both dimensions and the CEVs and OEVs still were extreme strong. On the timer it was around the 7 minute mark and the visuals stayed until something like 15 minutes after putting down the GVG. Within this period of time there was a moment of big sadness because SWIM had to leave the hyperspace and many memories faded away. But only moments later, he was really thankful for getting back and being able to have this life as a human. All in all it was a very pleasant afterglow effect.

For everyone who took the time to read the whole text. Thank you :)

And now the big question: Do you regard the described journey as a breakthrough experience?
A lot sounds like it (completely separation of body and soul, extreme rapid lift-off), but on the other hand, everyone says “You’ll know for sure when you had a breakthrough”. Maybe SWIM isn’t sure, because he has no comparison with lower doses (besides some very mild testing’s with slight morphing and intensified colours) I guess and his first two experiences ever, had been very similar. Also he expected it to be much harder to get into hyperspace.

He is definitely interested in further exploring, but before he’d like to know whether to change something in his vaping-technique or dosage, since he isn’t able to stay conscious for a second hit or if this is even necessary (considering some potential waste of the product).
DareDreamer: welcome to the nexus community.

thank you for the account of your experiences; it was very interesting to read.

my first "noob" tip is, skip the SWIM references; it is outdated, unnecessary and pointless.

"breaking through" manifests itself differently with everyone and the experience can vary from journey to journey even with the same person. if some specific description was given as to what one might expect with a breakthrough trip, that sets expectations which might not be realized, resulting in disaapointment.

i think you said it best when you recalled that you didn't "see entities" but there was a presence of an intelligence. some awesome power and majesty that can be felt; perhaps not with some recognizable form. there are, of course, numerous accounts of entities with form and character and for those travelers that experience is real and theirs uniquely. what we encounter is, essentially, a product of our own spirit and what we bring along with us.

when you lose awareness of your body, your ego, your surroundings and everything we associate with this reality - in my opinion - that is breaking through to an alternate dimension.

and i love it.

Thank you for this well written report. Pleasant to read.

I am surprised it took such a short time before you noticed any result after inhaling your first and only hit.

Your description of the polygon pieces falling down like a broken mirror sounds familiar. This occurs to me once in a while. It feels like loosing brain control due to tremendous ‘alien forces’. And like you say there is no tunnel. The only thing I know is that I am on the other side in that one billionth of a second later.

In answer to your questions: in my opinion your experience was a break through. But who cares what it was? All that counts is the vast beauty of the voyage. Your vaping technique seems to be ok and not being capable to take a second hit is telling you that the first hit struck you enough.
welcome to the nexus, DareDreamer.

firstly, you did well:thumb_up:

secondly, forget everything everyone says about experiencing the Magic, take note, but dont expect any of it to be true. it may happen to you as it happens to others, but there is a good chance that it will be individual to you, i have very different experiences to many people on here.

it is what it is.

if you have a good few servings you will find out again and again that everything you imagined it was, it isnt. its so much more than you can possibly imagine at this point.

thirdly, forget about 3 hits from a GVG, when you get it right that thing is beyond savage in its efficiency.

welcome to the rabbit hole:twisted:
"thirdly, forget about 3 hits from a GVG, when you get it right that thing is beyond savage in its efficiency."

this is so true; with the GVG and proper "technique", taking even a second hit is impossible usually. last time i traveled (35mg) i could not even see my hand or the pipe, not to mention a place to rest it upon as i was beginning to exhale...
Thank you very much for your kind responses :love:

I really feel reassured in the way I threat and evaluate my experiences. I guess the one thing, that everything I've read or heard on this stuff has in common and which is the most accurate, that it is very hard, if not impossible to describe it with words. You also can't compare it at all with other psychedelics like acid. You just have to see it yourself.

But besides that and just to clarify a point strtman mentioned: I know, it is not a competition to chase after something that's called breakthrough, but it is all about the experience itself :)
I'm just trying to put things into perspective, so my logical brain can get a better hold on it.

Also it's just nice sharing some thoughts and experiences with people who understand what I'm talking about ;)
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