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Funny chat quotes

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In the chat in response to someone finding a fine in the mail for something that has happened 7 years ago:

GratefulDad said:
tell them all of our cells in our body are replaced every seven years so the person that committed the crime no longer exists
myd's calculus rap:

‹mydriasis› I'll integrate your face, increase the dimensions of your cognitive space, raise the power of each variable, approach infinity; that's incalculable, cuz your a zero in the denominator, d.n.e. so students erase you hater. limits been found and it's worthless, less then the horizantal asymptote you spent all your time climbing to hit, bank acct so 4th quadrants, erroneus recursion, you don't know how to quit. truncated your ego, rate directly related to the quantity of spice I smoalk, maybe it's time to let go, y is u so dependent on x, thats the inverse of a healthy relationship, maybe it's cos(u) gets no (pi), maybe that's a sin(4u) 2 fly. get up or get down you one dimensional clown, cuz we're out to grow, but Euler you got a Ln on your head, regurgitating the same Log with no rythm - I quit calculus will never be thug
05:48:22 ‹high dead bear› watermelon (3 types), bridgesii, peyote, hbwr, morning glory (4 types), tomato (like 8 types), strawberry, honey locust, miracle fruit, squash, jalapeno, cabbage, sunflower ( 2 type) , avocado,cleome, prickly pear (4 or 5 type), san pedro, coleus festive dance, bell pepper (mixed types) , rosemary, carnation, unknown succulent, e novo, bonfire salvia, syrian rue, snapdragon, spider plant, pereskiopsis, notocactus magnificus, catnip, tall flower spike plant i dont remember name, kanna, monsterous pedro, peru torch, dragonfruit, dill,cilantro, carrot,hops, phalaris, moonflower (heart leaves!!), leonotis nepetefolia, paper spine cactus, lamb quarter, trich mix cactuses,
05:48:22 * Pandora wonders if high dead bear is off conducting a plant inventoyr
05:48:26 ‹high dead bear› and caapi
05:48:30 ‹universe› lol sync
05:48:31 ‹Pandora› LOL, sync!

09:12:07 * Mydriasis narrator: and jungle walked softly into the sunset. Expecting to sleep, but little did she know, the mescaline would creep.
19:53:50 ‹Seraph› cannabis is a gateway drug which leads all of its users on to rectal MXE, that is a true fact
07:47:14 ‹Czepa› these entites are professionals
04/07/2011 07:47:20 ‹Czepa› they are truly gifted
04/07/2011 07:47:31 ‹Czepa› they put humpty back together again.
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