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Geometry of DMT crystals

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I too have the feeling it might have sth to do with the lime. When the naphta is extracted from the bark/acid/lime goo, it seems much clearer then when doing an stb tek.

So if supertiny little pieces of something get caught in the crytals (stb tek), the crystals would probably form differently then when they are completely clean (lime tek).

And even after re-x ing stb crystals for 3-4 times, somehow there´s a little goo in it every time, it never gets completely totally 100% clean in my experience.

But that´s just a thought ofcourse, i haven´t studied this in detail and i haven´t yet yielded enough spice from using the q21q21 tek to try to re-x it (and see if any goo turns up).
I finally got enough spice extracted with acid/lime to try and create the cube crystals.

I dissolved 2grams of spice in naphta and to my surprise there was once again some goo left in the bottom of the tray after the spice was dissolved (i expected it to be almost totally pure). I removed the saturated naphta and let the dmt crystalize, but no cubes unfortunately. Only the same crystals as always.

I will post some pics this evening.
Just wanted to share a recent extraction I've done to yield once again some rocky xtals (only of the further pullings, the first pulls of 420grs. mimosa in 3 jars was not re'xed)
I've never cleaned the dirty precip's with basified water, but it worked VERY well!
Safes a lot of Naphta for re-xing.
See below...

- Starting with the cooking of the bark 3 times with a ph of 4 reached by adding acetate acid/vinegar essence and then combining and cooking it down to 400ml.
- Then slowly bit by bit, while stirring/cooling it, basifying it with 25grs. lye/natrium hydroxide.
- Then pulling it with 200-300ml room temp (!) Naphta/petroleum ether. (that avoids oxidising which I always have (too much for my taste) when using warm Naphta)

Since all first pulls where a bit dirty (not from oxides but from bark dust and waxes) I dropped them into basified water (some lye up to ph 12) and pulled them all in once with 300ml room temp Naphta. that cleaned them beautifully and I got roughly 3grs. pure shiny (semifluffy) xtals from it which I didn't find needed to be cleaned any further.

All other pulls were combined and cleaned with naphta re-xing and grew these xtals with the evaporation method. (the yellow tint is due to me letting it all evape instead of throwing the last rest of naphta out)

Holy sheet^



I was curious why you acidify if you do not do a defat pull? is it just to weaken the cell walls a bit more before adding the base?
Those dont even LOOK like DMT. Lol.

I am under the impression that the diamond formations are EXTREMELY pure so there is no way for them to branch off into square plates or needles so they just grow outword into diamonds. Gorgeous.
I am in no way an advanced chemist, but I've found that i can recreate these every time, (for the most part), with the same conditions. switching to three bowls before evap, super saturation, slow evap, not going over 35 degrees celsius during ex, and using bowls to precipitate in..(they don't seem to come in the baking dishes). another observation..they only come on the first two pulls, thats why i think saturation has something to do with it.


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That last pic is insane. what is that? Its gorgeous.

Do you think maybe the diamonds are formed because they form while still floating in the solution and not on the surface of the dish maybe?

This mystery must be solved.
Du57mi73 said:
That last pic is insane. what is that? Its gorgeous.

Do you think maybe the diamonds are formed because they form while still floating in the solution and not on the surface of the dish maybe?

This mystery must be solved.

Yeah, the last pic looks like a waterfall flowing into a lake. The lake was formed from a clear oil that solidified, and it was extremely strong.

I have never seen the diamonds form while floating. I watch them grow most of the time, and they just seem to appear on the bottom of the dish. I always see the needle ones forming on top, then drop, and attract more..but usually only in front of a fan for a quicker evap.
The thing about those diamonds that makes me curious is that they all have different angles and stuff. If you notice the square plates AND the needles all have the exact same degree of angle, but the diamonds seem to form with no specific angle in mind.
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