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Geometry of DMT crystals

Migrated topic.
Apologies for the double post, but I got reading that article, and after doing a search on DMT polymorphism, I found this thread (and the article contained within): Polymorphic properties of DMT - Advanced/Enhanced chemistry - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus where DMT is confirmed to have two distinct polymorphs. This leads me to two questions:

#1, in regard to CaptainFuture and anyone else who might have grown diamond-like DMT crystals as well as normal tabular crystals: did your 'diamond' crystals come from the same batch of MHRB that produced the tabular crystals, and if so, how fresh was the MHRB when you got the diamonds as opposed to when you got the tabulars?

#2, to the organic chemists: according to Falkenberg, the polymorphism is a result of a difference in interatomic bond angle between Carbon atom 11 - Nitrogen atom 12, and between Carbon atom 14 and its associated hydrogen atoms (14 a, b, and c) (image attached). What would cause that change in bond angle? Most of my expertise in crystal chemistry deals with inorganic mineral formation involving high heat and pressure (on the order of mega/giga pascals).


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Yeah only read the start of the tread, skipped the whole thing... turned into a massive ego trip instead of getting to work and playing with crystals...silly kids.

I need to say WOW diamonds :want:

May i add a tip for crystals growing if done in a fridge\freezer; you don't want any vibrations from the fridge running, A book on top of 6inch of bathroom towel (level the top flat surface) will help anyone to cut out any vibrations to interfere with the growing, as vibrations will make inconstancy in your geometry work. Of course cover with a dome to protect from inside subtle wind, with invisible matter growing into a visible crystal, the slightest wind will hinders your work.

Much love
I had a unique situation happen that yeilded extremely long clear plates. Like the "shark" ones but grew a lot longer and clearer. What happened was...

I had roughly 8g in 1200ml of nap. The nap was fresh out of the base soup so it was still heavily saturated in plant oils too. I poured the nap into a pan to evap half of it for a freeze precip later. Well I evapped it down to about 400ml and started to see tiny crystals forming in the pan. I poured the 400ml into a jar and put it away for freeze precip at a later date. A few days later I go to put the naptha jar into the freezer but when I got out the jar it had reallllly long and thin(somewhere inbetween the "square" spice crystals and the shard crystals) clear plated dmt crystals in it. They had NO yelowing to them at all despite it sitting in the dark yellow nap. I tried to take a pic but my camera is not up to par, not to mention they are clear. Also at the bottom of the jar was some yellow goo but was seperate from the crystals.

I think they are so long because the pressure of gravity was less cuz they were suspended in the nap while forming. They're alittle longer that my fingernail.
DU57_I'd love to see pics if you get a better camera. The yellowing usually doesn't go in till it evaps down more with that much solvent. Sadly those beautiful crystals are going to fall apart when you remove them. Naptha make ultra soft formations. Use hetane for hard crystals yo can actaull handle and keep intact.
Yea. Not to mention they were at the bottom of the jar so the only way for me to remove them was with a spoon. Lol. They pretty much disassembled when I did that. Lol. I got ONE that came out intact and of decent size. Otherwise they just fell apart into the different plates. I've been trying to get a decent pic. Best I can do is show you what they look like disassembled and on top of my bowl. Lol. Ill keep trying for a pic of the large cryst.
I've done some extractions recently and always only have the more square crystals when using the Lime tek which gets the cleanest dmt out. The white 'freeze-precip' flakes are so super clean and shinys, def. much cleaner than any A/B result.
So meanwhile I am pretty sure that the cleaner the extract the more likely square/diamond crystals are formed.
I really would love to ask Nick Sand, but its not easy to get in touch with him.
But he would know thats for sure.

Happy x-ing,
I would LOVE some xtals like in your pic Captain. I want to make a wedding ring out of one. Lol.

Because of the new salt tek I use I now have an extreme abundance of spice, I think I might re-x many many many times to get super pure goods and see what comes of it.
So funny, when I just wrote that rocky crystals form from superclean DMT, which I usually only got from limetek extraction...I got those here from an AB (was too lazy to clean a 3rd time, so thats why all the oxides covering them):

This is what grew 2 days later from clear and white crystal flakes from a lime extraction (1 cleaning only):
Some absolutely awe inspiring crystal porn in this thread. I just wish we could find the variable which affects the crystal shape! Has anyone tried heavy naphtha yet ? I found it very easy to grow very large flat squares with it low-odour white spirit (which seems to have been replaced with a cheaper solvent by the brand Bartoline).
If you note the crystals formed here I think the formation of diamonds has less to do with purity than it does with something else. I think it might be due to naptha composition. What method of drying do you use to form those diamonds?
They do not form while drying, they do form within the solvent, while it evapes and the molecules fall out.
The Naphta I use (german:Wundbenzin=Petroleum ether) is always the same, medicinal grade.
Yes, they did this time. Last time a few months ago, too.
I never had such big diamonds as in my avatar (when I had them the first time) though.
But no more sharky stuff anymore here.
Great thread guys.

Im am about to embark on another extraction and this thread got me wondering.
Has anyone tried pressure as a variable when growing crystals?

Sorry if this has been mentioned already, but i was thinking that by reducing the pressure the crystals form in, it may make them bigger? Or would it be that increasing the pressure would give better results as you would be compressing the molecules closer together?

Was thinking of testing this with kilner jars.
I know if you put something hot in them, once its cooled, the pressure inside will be reduced,
but does anyone have any ideas about how one could increase the pressure inside the jar?
While looking at q21q21s tek, I noticed the picture at the top of his tek. Diamonds. I'm starting to think that for some reason the lime has something to do with it, but I don't know how considering its not transferred over to the solvent. Just thought id point that out.
Du57mi73 said:
While looking at q21q21s tek, I noticed the picture at the top of his tek. Diamonds. I'm starting to think that for some reason the lime has something to do with it, but I don't know how considering its not transferred over to the solvent. Just thought id point that out.
it just as easily be the fact that its a dry tek instead of a wet tek.

i find it dubious that choice of base would affect crystal formation (not that i have even a cursory grasp of crystal morphology)
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