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Good morning!

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Hello all!

I've used this forum as a research tool for a while and finally decided to sign up as I have a strange experience I'd like to share at some point and get more experienced people's opinions and advice. I'll post it in the Experiences forum at a later date (and when I'm able).

I have little experience overall with substances and have only recently begun opening my mind with the intent being healing and therapy. The research into low-dose LSD, mushrooms, etc used for therapeutic purposes has been interesting to me for a long time. My father is very open about his experiences in the late 60s and early 70s (mostly LSD, but he tried a little of almost everything) so I've always had a more open mind when it comes to these chemicals.

Welcome to the Nexus!

As a new member, feel free to share your reports in the First Steps In Hyperspace area of the forum. In doing so, this helps full members get to know you a little better and can help lead to a full membership promotion, which allows access to the whole forum. Filling out the questionnaire and engaging in threads/chat while abiding by the forum guidelines are other ways to achieve promotion. Anyway, enjoy your time here and may you find everything you are seeking!

Have a good one!
Thank you much!

I've spent about 2 hours on the questionnaire already and eyes started to get blurry. Will have to continue later. =)
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