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Happy 70th Birthday Terrence McKenna

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Mitakuye Oyasin

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11/16/16 Would have been the 70th Birthday of Terrence McKenna. I am grateful for the time I spend with him. I am grateful that his brother Dennis is still with us and still doing vital work. Happy Birthday TMK and thanks for all the words and memories.
Oh yes! 'The bard' is one of the most entertaining people to listen to. He forces to you to think outside your comfort zone. In a way he will always be present through his numerous lectures.
This post made me realize that my son and Terence share the same birthday! :) That little rascal also has a way with words...and he just turned 2 yesterday!
A man ahead of his time, someone (regardless of being right or wrong) who caused many to think about things moreso than they would've previously. Beautiful articulations on society, culture, and art, among many other topics.

Happy Birthday <3
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