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HELLO fellow travelers!

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Hey everyone, just checking in...

I've heard about the nexus for a long time but only recently decided to check in and expand my knowledge and personal exploration. It seems the nexus community is a safe, informational, loving, community; I feel grateful to have a connection to something so genuine. :)

A little about myself:

I am a 24 year old man living a life of awareness, exploration, love, and determination in seeking the answers we all ask ourselves. I have been on a path of personal enlightenment for a few years now, directly following my recovery from opiate/alochol addiction. To make a long story short, it took me a long time and much guidance to heal the deep rooted wounds that compelled me to become an addict. Drugs and alcohol were my sanctuary, the only thing I trusted. Thankfully, I have found myself and am free from the grips of addiction. I have had much irresponsible experience with a variety of drugs and psychedelics, though in the mix of my turmoil I have had many profoundly moving experiences due to entheogens.

I would be happy to tell my story in detail to anyone interested, but for now I will focus on my current state. Currently, I practice mindfulness and meditation daily, the Wim Hof breathing technique, gratitude, affirmations and mantras. I am also an active and healthy person as I find a spiritual connection when I use my body. I believe taking care of your body and mind symbiotically creates a healthier vessel for your spirit to occupy. I also am working with an energy healer weekly whom I owe a great deal of gratitude for aid in my recovery from addiction. I am a daily cannibis smoker, and believe it to be a medicine for a variety of reasons. I also brew Kombucha, and am in the beginning stage of creating my business around it. In addition to this I am acquiring all I need to do Cyb's "MAX ION" tech (a close friend of mine has performed this tech multiple times with great success! He is the one who referred me to the Nexus).

Now, my perspective on psychedelics is one of respect and modesty. These powereful chemicals can aid in our search for answers, but cannot suffice independently of spiritual work. I use them as tools, never as coping mechanisms. I have had countless journey's to hyperspace via DMT and have had both blissfull and harrowing experiences (though I see a lesson and message in each journey). These experiences have a significance in my life and many of them have changed my life entirely. My ultimate goal is to attain a state of consciousness that allows me to go deep without the use of plant medicines.

I have a very open mind (and heart) and try to recieve all interactions with love and patience. I am also very open about my story, my life, and my opinions on entheogens. I would love to learn, grow, and become more experienced so that I may aid others in their exploratory journeys in hopes that we can all live in a happier and more connected concsciousness.

Thankyou DMT-NEXUS community for reading, and I hope to become a full member soon!

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