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How can I avoid amorphous precipitation on re-ex with nps?


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How can I avoid amorphous precipitation instead of crystallising while freezing? I can't find the proper saturation before freezing while re-exing with nps. I evaped until milky white when blowing air but instead of crystals solid dmt is breaking out of solution. The solution is full of dmt but it's not crystallising. Can it be too saturated?
Tell us what you did in maximum possible detail and it might be possible to troubleshoot more specifically.

Better crystals are formed with slow cooling and lower initial concentration of DMT - don't heat the NPS (naphtha? Heptane?) too much, best not to exceed the melting point of your DMT. Insulate your re-x container before cooling, and let it chill in a fridge before transferring it to a freezer.
I scrapped all crystals after first freezing and full solvent evap. Added as little nps as possible to dissolve all crystals in hot bath. I let it cool and observe lot of dmt breaking out of solution as small points. The solutions was intense milky white without any blowing Put in the freezer but all dmt was floating as in room temp. Took the dishes out added more nps to the point of clear solvent and evaped to the point of milky /cloudy white solvent . Re put in the freezer now it precipitated as dense powder but no crystals.

Even though I have airtight dishes I will not use the freezer as I have small kids. So nope. For the freezer I have a separated one that goes to - 30 degrees
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