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How to get the most out of shrooms?

Migrated topic.
My first mushroom trip was 2g cubes. It was really a lot for me.
Someone sugest 3.5g as a good dose for beginners. Well..... In America probably, you guys seems always more extreme in dosage.

The value of a psychedelic is not inherent to the dose at all. One of my most life changing trip was at about 0,5g, something barely noticeable for the "hard trippers" but way enough to open the door to really valuable wisdom.
The path is about subtle hint, dedicated preparation, combining the right tools to make the magic happen - Tarot, prayers, meditation, music, nature...
More is not necessary better.

I say this to balance a bit the topic. Combining with harmala, yes great!!! but OMG that's another kind of journey all together !!! And surely you don't take 3,5g for a first time psilohuasca!

You will have access to mushroom in the future, no hurries ; take a good dose sometimes for sure is good, but for the right reason. Availability doesn't seems to be a relevant reason.
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